Sunday, November 27, 2022

I am a mother of two and I buy Christmas gifts for my children all year round to save money. That’s how I make great bargains

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IF the thought of spending that money on Christmas gifts sends chills down your spine, fear not, you’ve come to the right place.

Annya Hall, a mother of two, is a mother of a three-year-old and a one-year-old and revealed that she has been buying Christmas presents for her children throughout the year, not only to save money but to make sure she gets hers Hands on some massive bargains too.

The new mum revealed she finds bargains at Facebook Marketplace, Vinted and charity shops, and also keeps an eye out for sales and deals at Amazon, Sainsbury’s and B&M.

In a clip posted on TikTok, Annya shows off her huge amount of gifts for her eldest child.

She said: “My three-year-old’s Christmas gifts — I shop at Vinted, Marketplace and charity shops year-round, and I look for deals and specials in stores year-round.”

The mum added: “I also recycle all year round, I sell a lot of old parts on Vinted which pays for most of it.

“There is no shame in buying used or new.

“Everyone’s circumstances are different, but the magic of Christmas makes everyone special.”

In the clip, the mum shows off a variety of brilliant gifts she bought for her child – including a pair of Vans trainers, a Princess necklace and bracelet, a set of 18 Princess nail polishes and a makeup bag.

She also got a princess guitar, a wireless microphone and a medical playset for Chad Valley Doctors.

Showing off her bargain purchases, she confirmed: “The lunch box was £10, down to £4.

“Peppa Squish was £6, Woody was £7 at B&M.

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“Princess digital watch cost £11 to £4.50”.

Not only that, this savvy mom managed to get her hands on a Disney princess and Minnie Mouse puzzle she bought second-hand online.

She continued: “£5 for both puzzles on Vinted.

“The tea set was £20, down from £10 on Amazon. It is wonderful”.

What’s more, this bargain hunter revealed that she’s collected a variety of Peppa Pig toys for her little girl, one of which she got for free.

She explained: “I got it for free at a charity shop and it’s like new [Peppa Pig fairground ride game].

“£5 brand new on Marketplace [Peppa Pig cash register].

“£19 to £11 in B&M [Peppa Pig Grandpa Pig’s Boat].

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