Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Husband supports for forbidding wife’s friend to see her breastfeeding

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Comments supported a man after he clashed with his wife’s friend for venting while breastfeeding their newborn.


Known as u/Specific_Paint8017, the anonymous man posted the incident on the popular Reddit forum Am I The A**hole, where it received nearly 11,000 upvotes and 900 comments.


In the post titled “AITA for following my mother’s advice regarding my wife who is breastfeeding”, the man said his wife recently gave birth but was having difficulty breastfeeding. He added that the baby is unable to latch on to a silicone nipple and does not like formula, but his wife does not produce enough milk to breastfeed.


“My mother, who was a midwife, said it was because of stress and that my wife was too stressed to make enough breast milk,” the post reads. “The doctor and lactation consultant confirmed that stress affects milk flow.”


There are many factors that contribute to breast milk production, one of which is overall stress levels. Studies show that the hormones released during times of stress can dramatically reduce a person’s milk production.


Although his wife is on six months’ maternity leave, the man said her work had her “pinged” but his mother moved in to help them with the baby.


His mother has prepared her food that can help with milk production, like whole grains and vegetables. She also made sure his wife rested and got enough sleep.


The man’s mother suggested his wife stay in a quiet, darkened room and relax before feeding the baby.


“The important part is to start the process before the baby is hungry,” the post reads.


One day his wife’s childhood friend, Becky, stopped by to complain about their breakup and money problems.


“Becky is the worst kind of soul sucker. She makes a damn problem and runs to my wife to fix it,” the post reads. “My wife is reluctant to stand up to Becky because Becky was the only girl who didn’t make fun of her growing up. That’s because she treats my wife like her personal servant.”


The man said Becky wanted him to call his wife downstairs to talk, but he refused, telling her to go because she was breastfeeding.


“She insisted and tried to sneak past me and enter our house. I told her that my wife is breastfeeding and that as per my mother’s suggestions, she is not to be disturbed,” the post reads.


He told Becky that their problems were weighing on his wife and that if she wanted to come in, she couldn’t talk about them. Becky then called the man “controlling” and a “mama’s boy.” His wife’s other friends also texted him, calling him an “a**hole.”


“My wife says she doesn’t care that I told her to go but said I could be gentler with her issues,” the post concluded.


Nearly 950 users commented on the post, with many praising the man for being so supportive of his wife’s breastfeeding efforts.


“As a female who has recently had supply issues related to stress, mainly NTA,” commented one user.


“Good for you for taking care of your wife, especially since it seems like she wants to breastfeed and you support that decision of hers,” said one commenter.


“As a woman who lost my supplies due to stress, this is the most beautiful story of you supporting and protecting your wife and baby,” wrote one user. “Kudos to mom for helping you. Oatmeal cookies and fenugreek tea everywhere!”


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latestpagenews.com asked u/Specific_Paint8017 for a comment.

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