Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Husband Mike Blümer is angry after Melanie Müller’s flirtation with others: "There is no more we!"

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At first he raved, a little later he cursed: Melanie Müller explained that she and husband Mike Blümer could not get their problems under control, turtled with someone else. Now her husband is really mad.

It’s a three-act drama. We remember: At “Celebrity Big Brother” Melanie Müller complained about her marital problems with Mike Blümer. He’s allowed to talk to the big brother’s house and the two want to work on the relationship. But then the turning point: the Ballermann singer was seen holding hands with another man in Berlin. Uwe, according to the man by the hand, is neither a new love nor an affair, he only comforts the pop star. Meanwhile, Mike shares vows of love from the Maldives vacation (without Melanie, she’s in Berlin). But when asked about Uwe, Mike tears his hat string in an interview with the “Bild” newspaper. “There is no longer a we,” is his bitter love story.

Blümmer etched: “My patience is at the end. The only thing that connects us are our children and we have to find the best possible solution for that. Melli disappointed me, made me sad and irrevocably cut off the way back.”

Mike raved on Thursday. It was the couple’s wedding anniversary:

Melanie was also disappointed with her husband, the “Bild” said the day before that she had fought for her husband. But: “Mike wanted to keep his distance and have time for himself. That was very difficult for me to process and made me sad.”

Melanie also said that her husband’s trip to the Maldives was initially planned with her. Mike relates another version of his current trip: “My alleged ‘vacation’ was not planned for the two of us, as Melanie reports. The spatial distance should serve to calm us down. I was ready to give our marriage another chance. It it was clear in advance that I would fly alone. “

Either way, the couple’s love seems to have died. However, neither of them said that one had broken up with the other. The word “divorce” was also not mentioned in the previous interviews. Melanie Müller also did not comment on the current hustle and bustle on Instagram, but did advertise sportswear.

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