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Hunters Season 2 Finale: The fate of each character in the Prime Video series explained

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The long-awaited second season of Prime Video Hunter is finally here. Find out how the 8-episode season ended, what happened to the main characters, and how Al Pacino’s role, Meyer Offerman, fitted into season two. Also, what became of Adolf Hitler (Udo Kier) in the series finale Hunter.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead regarding the Hunters series finale “The Trial of Adolf Hitler.”]

The death of Ruth Heidelbaum (Jeannie Berlin) sparks Jonah’s (Logan Lerman) involvement with the Hunters. Up until her death, Ruth worked undercover with Meyer to track down and kill former Nazis. After she is shot in her apartment, Jonah meets Meyer and learns of his safta’s second life.

In the epic conclusion to the first season of Hunter, we learn that Meyer is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Meyer is literally the brutal former Nazi Wilhelm Zuchs, widely known as “the wolf”. After discovering Meyer’s true identity, Jonah killed him.

Despite this, Meyer appears frequently in Season 2 of Hunter as the narrative flashes back in time. Eventually, it turns out that Meyer did everything to protect his former identity. Meyer ordered the hit on Ruth when she found out the truth about who he was.

At the end of Hunter Season 1, Adolf Hitler and Eva “The Colonel” Braun (Lena Olin) are living and doing well in Argentina. They have brainwashed Joe (Louis Ozawa Changchien) and plan to use him in their plot against the Hunters. However, this does not work in their favor.

With the help of Jonah’s long-lost aunt Chava (Jennifer Jason Leigh), the Hunters search for Adolf Hitler. But instead of killing him through their usual ritual, the group of Nazi hunters bring him to justice.

In the fictional world of the Prime Video series, Hitler is tried for crimes against humanity, war crimes and conspiracy to commit murder. He was found guilty on all charges and sentenced to life imprisonment, but before he is sent to prison Hitler has one last major escape planned. He is taken to Eva and Travis Leich (Greg Austin) and later imprisoned.

Despite their loving reunion in Hunter In Season 1, Eva believes she should bring the Fourth Reich to power – not Hitler. She has crossed over to younger model Travis, who she sleeps with in season 2.

And just when it seems Travis is out of the picture – Joe shoots him in the head in “Blood Ties” – he reappears in the final episode of with Eva Hunter. Despite their torrid love affair, the power-hungry Travis executes Eva without a second thought, promising Hitler that if he names him the new leader of the Nazi Party, he will grant his wishes. But when the hunters infiltrate this plan, Travis makes the final escape. He is shot in the shoulder by Joe, but what happens to him after he evades arrest is unclear.

For the most part, Jonah and the hunters get happy endings. Jonah marries his lover Clara (Emily Rudd) in a Jewish ceremony in honor of his aunt Chava, who was killed during Hitler’s capture.

Millie (Jerrika Hinton), Harriet (Kate Mulvany), a sober Lonny (Josh Radnor), Mindy (Carol Kane) and Joe are all present at the wedding. Harriet later brings Jonah evidence of Meyer’s involvement in Ruth’s murder, giving him the peace he so longed for.

As Harriet Jonah warned, “Evil does not rest. Evil does not retreat. So why should we?” The evil seems to live on in the final moments of the series finale when Jonah looks at a German on his honeymoon in Miami.

“Miami was a nice surprise for a honeymoon,” Clara says of her new husband, who admits he thought it would be a “good change”. What’s clear, however, is that Jonah used the trip to track down and possibly murder another Nazi – the man he’s looking at in the restaurant in the final scene.

Watch every episode of Hunter on PrimeVideo.

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