Thursday, December 22, 2022

Hugh Jackman returns to Broadway’s The Music Man after recovering from MAJOR vocal problems

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“The final show of The Music Man, starring Hugh Jackman, is on January 15, 2023

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Hugh Jackman returns to The Music Man to direct The Greatest Show before jumping on the Deadpool 3 bandwagon. The revival has faced some major setbacks, including being pushed back due to the pandemic and Jackman’s missing shows after contracting COVID.

The ‘Wolverine’ star had to miss the show again due to some vocal problems. Taking to his Instagram Stories on Sunday, the actor shared, “To the @musicmanbway audience… I’m terribly disappointed to say that my doctor has put me on vocal rest.” However, no one can stop the man from expressing himself that way recover as he always has. Jackman took to social media again to reveal he’s ready to return to the show, which officially ends on January 15. The Music Man is a musical written, written, written by, and written by Meredith Willson, based on a story by Willson and Franklin Lacey.


On Thanksgiving that year, Jackman gave his fans a reason to be thankful. In a social media video, the ‘Deadpool 3’ star revealed that he has been ‘cleared’ to do ‘The Music Man’. The post was captioned “Deleted!!! @MusicManBway”

“Hey, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. It’s actually the day after, it’s Friday, and I’m on my way to the theater, which I’m so grateful for,” Jackman says with a smile in the video. “It’s been a bit of a rough week and I’m so grateful for all the messages, the well wishes, thank you thank you thank you. I couldn’t be happier today to be returning to my theater family and taking the stage at The Music Man at the Winter Garden Theatre. Thanks Max Clayton, as always, for filling in on the fly. You are the best. With all our understudy and swings, you’re the best. Can’t wait to see you there today, bye.”

In an interview with Variety, the star admitted that training for “Deadpool 3” had a negative impact on his health, and fatigue led to major voice problems.

“Apologies to the entire cast of ‘The Music Man’ and especially my dresser and wife – all protein shakes are starting to work fast,” added Jackman. “The other night I could hear the velcro creaking and actually popping open. I split two pairs of pants.” He explained, “It was an 18-inch tear. I had about two minutes. I said to the stage manager, ‘New pants!’ I had my pants around my ankles. I figured if my dresser doesn’t get here on time, it’s better to continue in a pair of slit pants than no pants. Then I saw him running at top speed from the right stage to the left. We made it just in time.”

Regardless, The Music Man’s final show will be on January 15, 2023, while Deadpool 3 is scheduled for release on November 8, 2024.

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