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How to watch Winter House Season 2 Episode 1 on Bravo?

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While Season 1 was a mix of drama and controversy, Season 2 of Winter House turns the tables

STOWE, VERMONT: Devoted fans who have been waiting for the arrival of season 2 of ‘Winter House’ on Bravo know that the drama factor will be much more intense and over-the-top compared to season 1 of ‘Winter House’.

In the first season of “Winter House,” viewers saw Luke Gulbranson show his fun side by hitting trees with a ball and building igloos in the snow. He had the time of his life during the adventurous and adrenaline-pumping winter trip to Stowe, Vermont. A special mention here too for reality star Paige Desorbo, who managed to shine as an individual and wasn’t drawn into Hannah Berger’s drama throughout the six episodes of season one. While all the friends were focused on having a gala time and enjoying every moment at the house and their trip to Vermont, controversy was bound to follow. While the first season was a hit due to the storyline and its dramatic arcs, here’s what viewers can expect from Season 2 of Winter House.


How to watch Winter House Season 2 Episode 1 on Bravo?

‘Winter House’: Lindsay Tells Austen She Loves Him, Fans Say She ‘Can Do Better’

“Winter House” Season 2 Episode 1 premieres on October 13, 2022 at 9pm ET on Bravo.

Viewers who don’t have access to the channel can also watch the latest season of “Winter House” through popular streaming platforms like the Peacock app and Hulu Live TV. Interestingly, Hulu subscriptions start at $6.99 per month, with one month of free streaming available to users.

Viewers saw a lot of big drama in the Season 1 finale episode of “Winter House,” which aired November 24, 2021. Of all, one of the most controversial twists came when Austen Kroll and Ciara Miller’s secret affair was unexpectedly exposed. This revelation changes the dynamic in the house and complicates things for him. Austen couldn’t tell how much Madison ruined him in so many ways.

On the other hand, we see how confused Craig was, but for very different reasons. Coincidentally, he woke up to a text message from his girlfriend in Charleston. His girlfriend’s text message mentioned that she had invited Madison to dinner the night before. It also emphasized how she wanted to hear it direct from Madison before some Southern charm gossip mill got her claws to Vermont. Sadly, Craig Austen had to break this bad news, which he felt was a big red flag.

According to the episodic preview on Bravo’s official Youtube page, fans can expect plenty of spicy storylines this time around. For example, the famous reality stars Tom Sandoval from “Vanderpump Rules” mark their entry into the house with Tom Schwartz. This entry will be a refreshing kind of crossover and will effectively enhance the entertainment and ignite fireworks throughout the season from the first episode.

All is not well in their paradise as a married couple. Fans would see a heated confrontation and ugly verbal fight between Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke from “Summer House” over cheating allegations made by Carl against Lindsay. While this fight goes beyond measure, it will leave her friends in shock.

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