Friday, January 20, 2023

How much does the cast of Bling Empire: New York make per episode? Stars have the potential to make big bucks

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NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK – After enchanting viewers on the West Coast with luxurious living, “Bling Empire” is now bringing it to the East Coast! The Netflix reality TV series is coming to New York City and Dorothy Wang is leading the charge. She’s already made it clear that she’s looking for love in the Big Apple, and the teaser for the new season shows her saying, “She’s single and ready to meet up.” Undoubtedly, her new hometown has plenty of eligible bachelors, and viewers can follow their journey in Bling Empire: New York, which premieres January 20.

Dorothy is joined by a diverse and stylish cast of Asian-American New Yorkers in New York spin-off Bling Empire. From the teaser, it appears that the cast will focus on glitz, glamor and drama as they navigate the Big Apple’s glittering nightlife. Get ready for an exhilarating ride as the cast hit the town, live it up and make waves all at the same time. The original series was a hit among fans, and the spin-off is bound to gain popularity. It also means the cast is sure to put up a hefty check. So if you’ve been pondering the salary details of the star-studded cast, well here are the details to answer your questions.


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How much does the cast of Bling Empire: New York make per episode?

While Bling Empire or Bling Empire: New York salaries have not been disclosed, Netflix actors have the potential to earn big bucks for their roles in Netflix original series and movies, according to Fiction Horizon. Child actors are typically paid less than adult actors, but can still take home anywhere from $80,000 to $350,000 per episode, totaling a whopping $1 to $2 million. Meanwhile, celebrities can expect to pocket up to $20 or more for their work. How much they earn depends on their role, experience and other factors. Glassdoor reported that the base salary for Netflix actors is around $114,135 per year.

However, salaries might differ for those starring in reality TV shows on Netflix. Referring to the checks that reality TV stars receive, an agent told Business Insider, “For these docu-ensembles, especially when they’re nobodies, it ranges from as low as about $1,500 per episode up to $3,000 per episode at the top end.” The agent added, “And then, after three successful years, it can go up to $7,000 to $10,000 per episode. After that, you start moving to the Kardashian level.” Considering the stars on Bling Empire: New York are already familiar faces, there’s a good chance they’re making over $3,000 an episode to earn.

Jeff Jenkins Productions pulled out all the stops to create Bling Empire: New York. The show stars Dorothy Wang, who fans will recognize from Season 2 of Bling Empire. Hudson Medical and Wellness’s Richard Chang, movie star Tina Leung, it couple Stephen and Deborah Hung and fashion editor Blake Abbie were all cast to add even more sparkle to the show.

Check out this glamorous team in Bling Empire: New York, available to stream only on Netflix on January 20th.

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