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How Much Do You Know About John Legend?: The Voice Trivia Quiz #3. [Exclusive]

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Most people know that John Legend is a coach on The Voice, is married to model Chrissy Teigen, and has the rare honor of being an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) winner. But what else do you know about John? Here’s a little trivia quiz to find out.

1. With whom did John Legend have the same number of wins on The Voice?

a. Jennifer Hudson
b. Ariana Grande
c. Christina Aguilera
i.e. Adam Levin

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2. What are the names of John and Chrissy’s two children?

a. Ethan and Portia
b. Miles and Luna
c. Christopher and Angelica
i.e. John, Jr. and Layla

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3. Which Legend hit shares its name with a Steve Martin film?

a. Green light
b. glory
c. preaching
i.e. all of me

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4. Which Ivy League University did Legend graduate from in 1999?

a. University of Pennsylvania
b. Harvard University
c. Georgetown University
i.e. Cornell University

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5. Who produced Legend’s debut album Get Lifted? in 2004?

a. KanyeWest
b. Pharrell Williams
c. Sean Combs
i.e. Freddie Perren

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ANSWER 1: The answer to question one is c. Christina Aguilera. Both Legend and Aguilera have won The Voice once. Legend has competed six times since he began coaching in 2016. In that first season, Legend clinched the win with pop singer Maelyn Jarmon, who is “completely deaf in her right ear and only hears 80% of the time in her left,” reports Country Living.

Legend has not claimed the award since. However, he will appear in season 22 of The Voice, so this year he has a chance to improve his stats. Aguilera, one of the founding coaches, has also made six appearances and has just one win. She was a coach on seasons 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and 10. Her winning artist was Season 10’s Alisan Porter. Aguilera left the show on a high note and has not returned to a coaching position since.

Jennifer Hudson and Ariana Grande both have zero wins. Adam Levine has three. None of these three coaches are currently on the show.

ANSWER 2: The answer to question two is b. Miles and Luna. Son Miles celebrated his fourth birthday on May 17, 2022. According to an Instagram post from his proud father, Miles “loves cars, dinosaurs, pizza and brownies. He lights up our lives and brings us so much joy and laughter.”

Daughter Luna turned six on April 14, 2016. On her recent birthday, Legend paid tribute to his beloved daughter on Instagram, captioning his photos, “I can’t believe she’s 6 already. I’m very biased but she’s soooo wonderful and I’m proud to be her dad. Happy birthday Luna Simone!”

ANSWER 3: The answer to question three is d. “All of me.” Legend’s first single to hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100, “All of Me,” was written by Legend and Tony Gad, according to The video features Legend’s true love, Chrissy Teigen.

All of Me was also a 1984 hit comedy starring Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin. Directed by Carl Reiner. According to IMDB, both Martin and Tomlin were nominated for Golden Globe Awards for Best Performance in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical. Martin won National Society of Film Critics (NFSC) and New York Film Critics Circle (NYFCC) awards for Best Actor.

ANSWER 4: The answer to question four is a. University of Pennsylvania. He actually turned down offers from Harvard and Georgetown, notes the New York Times. Legend is not only an extraordinary musician, but also an extraordinary academic. As CNBC reports, “He had always hoped to pursue a career in music, but knew he needed a more hands-on job to make ends meet. While attending the University of Pennsylvania, he sang in a college a cappella group and studied English and African American literature. In 1999 he graduated magna cum laude.”

ANSWER 5: The answer to question five is a. KanyeWest. As describes, “The Legend/West combo was special.” Get Lifted was released on December 28, 2004, Legend’s 26th birthday. According to Tidal, the album “reached #4 on the Billboard 200 chart”. The Recording Industry Association of America reports that “Get Lifted” was certified 2x Multi-Platinum on October 13, 2020.

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