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How many songwriters does Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” have? MUCH MORE than what Dianne Warren thought

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Even when a tiny snippet of a song is used, every source material songwriter lately gets their name along for the ride, plus royalties due

Beyonce’s seventh solo album, Renaissance, has been in the news since its release on July 29, 2022 for a variety of reasons. A song from the album called “Alien Superstar” was carried over from singer-songwriter Diane Warren. Warren recently questioned Beyoncé about the song’s credits since it features 24 songwriters. However, the album does not have 24 but 104 writers! Yes, you read it right!

Warren struck a chord on Monday, August 1, 2022 when she asked why the new Beyonce song “Alien Superstar” would need 24 songwriters, prompting a spate of backlash on Twitter, with many claiming it was racially insensitive request. However, a report in ‘The Wrap’ suggests that “even if a tiny snippet of a song is used, each songwriter of the source material takes their name with them, plus royalties due”. As Beyonce has continued to grow in prominence, so has her available sampling pool, which includes everything from Donna Summer to Led Zeppelin.


How are song credits given to other artists?

‘Renaissance’ has 104 credited songwriters (including Beyonce herself), for a total of 170 songwriting credits. With 16 songs, that’s an average of 10.6 credited songwriters per track. In comparison, “Lemonade,” her 2016 tour and final “LP,” had 74 songwriters across her dozens of tracks, for just over 6 credits per song. Going back to their 2003 debut Dangerously in Love, we see 57 songwriters on 15 tracks for 3.8 credits per song. The song “Alien Superstar,” which Warren has proclaimed for his 24 songwriters, features four samples (“I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred, “Moonraker” by the Foremost Poets, “Unique” by Danube Dance, and a speech by Barbara Ann Teer) with a total of seven songwriters. With the exception of Beyonce, she leaves 16 original contributors whose work is not included.

Credits can be passive, when someone brings a song to Beyonce, she decides to use a bit of it and you get a check one day to actively work with the talent in the studio. Everyone gets a percentage of the song revenue, determined by a third party, based on how much they contribute to the finished product.

In “Renaissance” there are beat gurus, sampling scholars, hook doctors, lyrics wizards and instrumentalists who contributed to the production. For most of the album, however, Beyonce herself is the only person to have written a note on each of the 16 songs on “Renaissance.” The album credits many of the 104 songwriters credited for a single track. Several others collaborated on most of the album, including Terius ‘The-Dream’ Gesteelde-Diamant, the singer-songwriter and super-producer who has worked with Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Kanye West and Britney Spears’ songs.

However, the controversy fueled by Warren has settled after her apology to Beyonce. Taking to Twitter, she said: “Ok I didn’t mean to be disrespectful to @Beyonce who I’ve worked with and admire. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding.”

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