Wednesday, January 25, 2023

How I Met Your Father EP worried John Corbett’s casting was too ‘weird’ for Hilary Duff – here’s why

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How I met your father There are a handful of guest stars in Season 2, including Meghan Trainor, Mark Consuelos and John Corbett. As fans saw in the Hulu show’s second season trailer, Hilary Duff’s Sophie will begin a May-December romance with Corbett’s character. In a recent interview HIMYF Author and EP Elizabeth Berger revealed how Corbett ended up in the role – and why she was initially worried it would be too “weird” for Duff.

Almost 10 years before Corbett, 61, and Duff, 35, started dating How I met your fatherThe two worked together on the teen film raise your voice. Duff played a small-town teenager who moved to Los Angeles to spend her summer at a performing arts school, while Corbett played her teacher.

But Duff wasn’t the only familiar face on the set of HIMYF. Kim Cattrall, who plays Future Sophie, also worked with Corbett Sex and the City. He played Aidan, the love interest of Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw. Corbett will reprise his role on the series Sex and the City Revival, And just like that…

If you haven’t seen Corbett in any of these roles, you might recognize him from some of his other famous projects. He starred in several hit rom-coms including Lucky coincidence, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Raise Helenand the To all boys film series. Corbett has also appeared in various TV shows including Northern exposure, Happyand Sex & Drugs & Rock’n’Roll.

According to Berger, Corbett’s connections to the How I met your father Stars didn’t play a part in his casting decision, at least not at first.

“Honestly, we started with who would be the most fun for the role, and you know, like we always do, we’ve been wrangling ideas with the writers,” the EP told TVLine. “And then the idea of ​​Corbett came up, and we all just found it so exciting.”

Then the casting team realized Corbett had worked with Duff “a million years ago.” Berger said she and the team initially worried it would be “weird” to cast Corbett as the love interest for Duff’s character because he once played her teacher. However, they decided that this would not be a problem.

“It’s great. Hilary is a grown woman now and everyone can handle it,” added Berger.

Thankfully, Duff doesn’t appear to be phased from her history with Corbett. She recently spoke about it Late Night with Seth MeyersShe remarked that she and Corbett were “cool.”

How I met your father Season 2 premiered on January 24. Corbett didn’t appear in the first episode, but he will appear in the coming weeks. And Corbett’s role could have a twist. At the end of Episode 1, a flash-forward shows Sophie frantically calling her mother and saying, “I think I’m dating my father.” Maybe this May-December romance is weird after all.

New episodes of How I met your father Dropping every Tuesday on Hulu. Check out the release schedule for more details.

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