Friday, May 13, 2022

How did Papa Jim die? Danny Duncan pays tribute as the internet’s beloved grandpa dies aged 92

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Many fans were devastated by the Instagram post and celebrated dad Jim for his endless laughter and hilarity

Papa Jim, the internet celebrity and everyone’s favorite grandfather, has tragically passed away. YouTuber Danny Duncan, who has frequently included dad in his popular videos, broke the news of his death on Instagram on Thursday, May 12.

At the time of his death, Papa Jim was 92 years old. His family has not released any information about his death. Fans around the world are mourning the demise of the sensation and the end of his bond with Danny. Dad was previously the victim of an internet scam claiming his death. Danny, on the other hand, refuted the allegations himself, citing a photo of him with Papa Jim with the caption “Miss you Papa”. Danny captioned a series of photos with the older prankster: “Thanks for all the laughs and the unforgettable memories. I love you daddy Jim. REST IN PEACE.”


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Internet star receives tribute from fans

Papa Jim’s admirers are devastated by Duncan’s post. Many fans celebrated dad for his never-ending laughter and hilarity. One user wrote on Twitter: “Dad Jim was really living his best life out here. Pour him a coke.”

One fan wrote: “Just rest papa Jim. Imma miss you so much. You have inspired so many young people. You will always be our Papa Jim. To sleep peacefully. I love you boommmmummmmummm…”

Another heartbroken fan wrote: “Today I heard the sad news that Dad Jim passed away, my condolences go out to @DannyDuncan69 and his family. His smile lit up the room for everyone. A legend has died, we will always love you PJ.”

Papa Jim was a popular YouTube personality known for his pranks on Danny Duncan’s videos. He was constantly filming everything, whether skinny dipping or quad biking. A lot of people thought Danny and Papa Jim were relatives. Dad Jim, who turned 92 last December, was the grandfather of the YouTuber’s close friend David Tomchinsky and currently works as an executive assistant and social media manager for Duncan’s brand.

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