Wednesday, October 27, 2021

How did De’van Bogard die? Ex-Ohio State Championship player found dead at home

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The ex-OSU defense attorney and high school coach was found at the door of his apartment, and the team is setting up GoFundMe for “instrumental” coach and family

Beloved high school coach and former Ohio State University (OSU) player De’van Bogard was found dead in his Ohio apartment on October 12, 2021. The former international is perhaps best known for being part of Urban Meyer’s first OSU recruiting course, back in 2012. The school has now set up a GoFundMe to support Bogard’s son Jaden and his mother.

Bogard’s tragic death hit not only OSU or the school he trained at, Elyria High School, but the wider football community as well. In early September, Atlanta mourned promising player Jaumarcus McFarland, who was crushed by a free-falling elevator. In Utah, the Utes were shocked after Aaron Lowe was killed in a shootout on September 26, less than a year after the death of teammate Ty Jordan. Former New England Patriots player David Patten died that same month.


How did De’van Bogard die?

While the full circumstances of Bogard’s tragic death are not yet known, we can confirm that the cause of death appears to be a fire in his home. He allegedly died at the Elyria, Ohio crime scene at the age of 27.

A fire reportedly broke out in the apartment where Bogard was staying on the morning of October 12. Firefighters responded to calls when smoke and flames emerged from the windows of 283 Washington Avenue. When they arrived and were able to control the fire, Bogard’s body was found on the door of his building. Fire chief Joe Pronesti said the fire reportedly started on the living room couch and for now it is believed to be an accident. Foul play is currently not suspected, although the boss noticed the lack of working fire alarms in the apartment.

The boss said Bogard was likely in the bedroom when the fire broke out and was unable to escape in time. It is unclear what started the fire and how bad the damage is. Elyria High School, where Bogard worked as a football coach, announced his death in a Facebook post, saying: “It is with deep sadness that we are trying to come to terms with the enormous loss of a very beloved football coach, De’van Bogard. I say enough, how loved, admired and respected he was by the Elyria Schools community and especially by the athletes, coaches and families involved in Elyria Pioneer Football. “

A member of the soccer team also started a GoFundMe page for Bogard’s family. “Coach Bogard has been an important part of our program for the last 2 years with a connection to these guys like no other. He influenced them so much in his short time with us,” it says on the page. The team is hoping to raise $ 7,500 to “ensure Jaden is cared for when he dies”. The cost will also cover Bogard’s funeral expenses.

Between 2012 and 2014, Bogard played for the Buckeyes in 22 games, but his career was tragically disrupted by a string of knee and ACL injuries. In 2014 he even made it into the national team, but unfortunately had to switch from playing to coaching. The school provides grief counselors for students throughout the week.

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