Monday, November 29, 2021

How Chris Daughtry and wife Deanna saved marriage despite infidelity and bisexuality

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Both Chris and Deanna Daughtry have posted emotional statements on social media in the face of their daughter Hannah’s death at the age of 25

Chris Daughtry and his wife Deanna remembered their beloved daughter Hannah after she was found tragically dead at their Nashville home on Friday, November 12th. The couple have gone through several ups and downs together after more than two decades of marriage.

Authorities reportedly said the death of 25-year-old Hannah Price was murder, although it has yet to be confirmed. Her friend Bobby Jolly, 25, was arrested Friday and posted in the Fentress County Jail, although it is still unclear whether he is a person of interest or a suspect in Price’s death. Both Chris and Deanna Daughtry posted emotional statements on social media in the face of the tragedy.


Resumption of the 2018 attack that left Chris Daughtry’s late daughter with a prosthetic eye

“I’m still processing the last 24 hours. I’m absolutely devastated and heartbroken. I only recently lost my mother to cancer, but I’ve been blessed with the chance to say goodbye and I’ve processed it privately “said Chris Daughtry in a statement. “We have never been able to say goodbye to our beloved Hannah and it is another great achievement for our family. Thank you for your kind words and condolences. You are truly felt and appreciated. I am now taking the time to be present with my family.” be how we try to heal from this devastating loss. ” He added, “Hannah, I love you. I miss you. I wish I could hold you

Meanwhile, his wife, Deanna, shared a plethora of pictures of their biological daughter, revealing that the family was still waiting for the results of the autopsy to determine the cause and nature of Price’s death. “My firstborn. I love you, Hannah. Our family would like to thank you all for the pouring of love as we mourn the loss of our daughter Hannah. We are awaiting the results of the autopsy to determine how Hannah suffered the injuries, that led to their death. ” . Our hearts are broken, “wrote Deanna Daughtry.

Chris and Deanna have gone through lengthy trials of their marriage over the years, compounded by the latter’s struggles with their sexual identity as well as Chris’ admitted infidelity shortly after his rise to fame.

However, the couple told people in 2019 how they had always believed they were better together than apart. “I think we’ve been engaged enough to learn as we go and realize we’re still trying to figure it out,” Chris told the magazine. “It’s like the universe knows we’re going to help each other grow,” added Deanna, “and each of us would be exactly what the other needed.”

Deanna had stayed in the closet for years, hiding her bisexuality from the world. However, in 2015, she finally overcame her fears when she adopted her sexual orientation. In fact, Chris’ hit single “As You Are” is based on his wife’s struggle with her sexual identity. While Deanna was at her turning point, Chris grappled with his own identity crisis that rocked their marriage. However, the lovers prevailed.

When they met in 2000, Chris was recording club gigs over the weekend to make ends meet as a vacuum cleaner saleswoman. Six years later, however, his powerful vocals made him a rock star overnight. He garnered an ardent following after finishing fourth on ‘American Idol’, followed by a string of chart hits including ‘Home’ and ‘Over You’.

But while his dreams were coming true, Chris’ dramatic change in lifestyle caused internal turmoil that he could not immediately shake off. “Honestly, I look back and had no idea who I was,” he told People, adding that relentless tours that took him on the streets for months were also “just a recipe for catastrophe in a relationship.” Deanna was helpless when her husband finally admitted that there had been “infidelity”.

While expressing remorse and “trying to fix it,” Deanna said the revelation only drove a deeper wedge between them. She only began to heal when she released her pain and put herself in the shoes of her husband. “I knew it didn’t really have anything to do with me,” she told People. “It never does.” She said she realized, “He drowned in what he dealt with and I drowned in what I dealt with. We both had to learn to save ourselves. ”Therapy was a godsend for Deanna while Chris hired a counselor to hold him accountable for his behavior on the street. Both fought hard to save the marriage and eventually made it.

Commenting on the couple who survived crises together, Chris noted that “real growth takes place then.” Then there is real closeness. Then you can say I love this person, not because they are fun and new. I love this person because they have just dealt with some real cops – mine that I deal with myself and they are strong enough to stand by and get through with me and hopefully we will together stronger. And we have. “Meanwhile Deanna thanked her husband for the transformation.” He has grown so, so, “she said,” and he has been an amazing support for me in my struggles with my sexuality. “

When asked how they made their marriage finally work, Chris said, “I think we’re on this eternal journey together, just trying to be the best version of ourselves. We’re trying to be more present and just enjoy where we are. “Deanna noted,” We don’t run away from ourselves either. “Chris agreed, admitting that they both wanted to” grow together. “He added,” I think we both have the same goal and that is our true selves with one another. “

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