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How carpet weavers played a role in Ben Affleck’s Oscars

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As a director and screenwriter, Ben Affleck has had a strong career alongside his acting work. For one of them, the bizarre political thriller, he won the Oscar for the best picture argon. The film is packed with strange details. And some of the weirdest happen to be directly drawn from real-life events.

The film has drawn some criticism in the years since it won an Oscar for embellishing details for the sake of entertainment value. That leaves some viewers wondering if some of the most memorable scenes have any connection to reality. Could one of the film’s most unique elements involving carpet weavers actually be based on a real-life situation?

Affleck’s 2012 film argon was inspired by a Wired piece from 2007. It tells the incredible but true story of the CIA using a fake sci-fi film to help rescue Americans from Tehran in 1979 into the country. with war of stars Her cover story, which made it big at the time, ended up working better than everyone involved expected.

The film depicts a strange scene in which the Iranian Revolutionary Guards hire carpet weavers to piece together shredded documents from the US embassy. The moment serves to establish how impressive this standoff is. With the IRG and a rabid group of student activists on one side and an alliance of CIA and Canadian intelligence on the other, the film goes out of its way to show everyone involved how to think outside the box.

It’s one of those moments that’s so handy for setting the film’s stakes that it’s tempting to write it off as fiction. However, according to BuzzFeed, it was absolutely correct. The Webers’ work uncovered bombastic details, including the identities of several undercover CIA agents. And although not shown in argonthey released the full text of the documents to the Iranian public.

argon, co-written by Affleck and longtime collaborator Chris Terrio, is an oddity among his films as a director. It maintains a comedic tone throughout, with plenty of jokes and broad performances that add levity to the drama. Its status as historical fiction also distinguishes it from many of his other works. Affleck took home a Best Picture Oscar for his role as the film’s producer.

Conversely, most of his directorial work has a Boston streak. baby gone, The townand live by night all take a decidedly fictional look at crime in Affleck’s native town.

Perhaps the lack of success of live by night explains why the actor/director is returning to historical fiction — and leaving Boston — for his next directorial effort.

Affleck has been in the spotlight since the beginning of his career with a huge Oscar win. He and frequent collaborator Matt Damon won the 1998 Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay goodwill hunt. According to IMDb, Affleck has taken home 73 trophies out of 132 nominations at major awards shows.

After that, he suffered something of a burglary argonand has directed only one film since. Affleck found his momentum playing Batman, with his performance receiving praise, although the films received mixed reactions from critics. Lately he’s been writing screenplays again with his old collaborator Damon. And both gave incredible performances in the Ridley Scott film The last duelthat they wrote together. argon was clearly not the creative pinnacle for Affleck.

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