Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Homeless NYC man tries to kidnap 3-year-olds: “It was like being in a movie,” says witness

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Shocking footage shows Grandmother chasing after the baby that was ripped from her hands as the city was hit by a surge in homeless crime

A 27-year-old homeless man from New York City was charged with kidnapping after attempting to tear a three-year-old from her grandmother’s arms on October 11, 2021, as other witnesses gave a chance and prevented the crime. The incident took place outside a BP petrol station on the corner of E. Tremont and Baisley Aves. in Schuylerville.

The near-kidnapping is part of a massive crime wave that has hit NYC this year. On September 2, a Brooklyn woman was caught on footage throwing boiling water and then stabbing a deaf man in Williamsburg. A few days later, a man stepped a woman down an escalator at Atlantic Avenue Barclays Center station. On October 4, we reported on the video of a woman pushing a commuter at the Times Square subway station towards an oncoming train.


Salcedo caught trying, flees on scooter

Not only violent crime, but also the number of homeless people is growing in the city. Although the data suggests the homeless number has fallen from a record high in 2018 and 2019, it is still hovering around the 50,000 mark, numbers not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Fighting this has proven to be a major challenge, and so far the city has failed. Since then, it has led to an increase in homeless crime, such as the Salcedo kidnapping attempt.

Surveillance footage from the BP petrol station shows Salcedo waiting on the corner when a grandmother and three children approach him. Two of the children are running, the three-year-old is held in the woman’s arms. In the blink of an eye Salcedo grabs the child from the woman’s arms and begins to run away with the child wrapped in a duvet. The elderly grandmother then begins to hunt when the other two children stop.

You can see one of the children jumping up and down. “He’s taking my girl! He’s taking my girl! He’s taking my baby!” The woman reportedly screamed and attracted the attention of several others in the area. An eyewitness identified as Fermin Bracero told the New York Daily News, “He tried to get out but a whole bunch of us got involved, so he dropped the little girl.” Bracero added, “She was hysterical. It was like being in a movie, but this is real life. It was insane.”

After dropping the girl off, Salcedo reportedly stood across the street before escaping on a scooter. The police looked at the tape and managed to track him down to E. Tremont Avenue, where he was caught sleeping on a doorstep. In another bizarre twist, he was caught smiling at the press when he was led out of the 45th station later that night. Police confirmed that he was charged with kidnapping, attempted kidnapping, illegal detention and child endangerment.

It is unclear where Salcedo is currently being held. It is also unclear if he has a history of criminal offenses or if this is his first arrest. We couldn’t find any more information about him. While he was caught, hundreds of New Yorkers remain free after committing violent crimes such as mugging and assault. The surge has put tremendous pressure on both the NYPD and Mayor Bill de Blasio, but few effective steps have been taken so far.

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