Friday, January 13, 2023

HGTV star Christina Hall shares behind-the-scenes footage of her two oldest children filming for “Christina in the Country.”

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Christina Hall recently shared a behind-the-scenes photo showing two of her children filming her new HGTV show. Christina in the country. Here’s what Hall posted and why she didn’t include all three of her children in the filming process.

On Jan. 4, Christina Hall shared an Instagram post showing two of her children, 12-year-old daughter Taylor and 7-year-old son Brayden, on set Christina in the country. The HGTV star shares her two eldest children with her first ex-husband and former flip or flop co-star Tarek El Moussa.

Taylor and Brayden stood on wooden boxes of different sizes to put them at the right height for the TV camera in the foreground. The family dog ​​sat under the boxes at her feet. The footage appeared to have been taken at Hall’s home.

“Watching these 2 interviews for #ChristinaInTheCountry is probably my favorite thing ever,” the reality star captioned the cute photo. “Especially the mannerisms [zany face emoji].”

Christina Hall often shares photos and videos of her entire family, including her three children and her new husband, Josh Hall. Why didn’t the HGTV star include all of her children in the behind-the-scenes footage? Christina in the country?

In 2022 the flip or flop Star has been locked in a month-long legal battle with her second husband, Ant Anstead, over custody of their son Hudson. The English TV presenter accused Hall, among other things, of having exploited the three-year-old. Following Anstead’s allegations, Hall shared an Instagram post announcing that she would no longer feature Hudson on social media or on her TV shows. She later commented that her ex-husband “took apart” her Instagram pictures to assess her parenting.

Though Hall is legally allowed to post photos of Hudson to social media as long as they’re not in sponsored ads, her new custody agreement with Anstead will likely prevent her from filming her youngest child for HGTV.

Christina Hall fans loved watching her two oldest children film Christina in the countryeven if her youngest sibling couldn’t join in.

In the comments, many noted the strong resemblance between the children and their famous parents. “They are the mini versions of you and Tarek,” one fan wrote, while another said, “Tay looks like daddy and Bray looks like mom.”

One fan commented: “WOW if they aren’t mini me’s of each of the parents. Taylor even stands like Christina,” and another wrote, “I think your daughter’s mannerisms are a lot like yours!! You are so grown up!!!!”

And others loved seeing the family pet involved in the activity. One fan wrote: “The Dog even gets in on the action!”

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