Monday, October 3, 2022

‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Season 21 on Fox: Where’s Previous Season’s Winner Trenton Garvey Now?

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Before the season premiere, an update on season 20 winner Trenton Garvey

Eating is an important part of everyone’s life. Foodies always love to have a balanced mix of taste, texture, flavors and presentation when trying a new culinary product. For people who have a knack for cooking and foodies who want to learn more, the iconic cooking reality series Hell’s Kitchen returns for Season 21.

The series will premiere worldwide on September 29, 2022 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. Fans have seen many aspiring chefs win the show, which was a major turning point for many of them as they now work at prestigious restaurants or have become restaurateurs themselves. Many fans also want to know where last season’s winner Trenton Garvey is right now. The show is hosted each season by renowned world chef Gordon Ramsay.

Ahead of the new season’s premiere, let’s take a look at where Chef Garvey stands right now.

Where is last season’s winner Trenton Garvey now?

Where are the ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ winners now?

Garvey is one of the youngest winners in the show’s entire history. The 23-year-old chef is originally from Missouri and Arkansas. He currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. The young chef starred in the 20th season of Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen last year. With his outstanding cooking skills and craft, he managed to attract the attention of the outspoken and world-renowned chef. Not only that, Trent also found his way into the good books of Ramsay and ended up winning the season.

With an inherent passion for cooking since childhood, Trent genuinely loves his career as a chef. He currently works at Ramsay’s restaurant Gordon Ramsay Steak in Las Vegas.

According to his official Instagram updates, he is married to his longtime girlfriend Regina Phalange.

He continues to post on social media and share his love for cooking with his fans and followers.

Trenton Garvey’s official Instagram name has around 14.1k followers. His Instagram handle is @chef_trentongarvey. Aside from loving his career and profession as a chef, Trenton is also a huge car enthusiast.

Trenton recently posted a picture with Ramsay on his Instagram. He wrote about his experiences as a chef at Ramsay’s restaurant. He mentioned how winning the show completely changed his life.

His caption for the post read, “It’s been a year. A year since I was able to let loose on everyone the secret that has been killing me for over two years. What an incredible journey life can be. I never thought I would do this I got to cook for @gordongram. I went into the show expecting to go home the first week. Winning @hellskitchenfox still doesn’t feel real. I never thought I would get the opportunity to have such an impact on the lives of so many amazing people. Vegas was crazy. We have been on an amazing journey for a year. I’m excited to see what next year will bring. Luckily I have @miss_reginaphalange going with me. We are ready to conquer the next chapter. Good luck to the next batch of chefs in season 21. You’re ready for a wild ride.”

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