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‘He’d lure me in’: Maitland Ward says her ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ co-star Dylan Neal ‘groomed’ her on the sets.

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Maitland Ward, who played Jessica Forrester, and Dylan Neal, who played Dylan Shaw, began working together on the soap opera in the mid-1990s — when Ward was 16 and Neal was 24

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA: Maitland Ward admits arriving in Hollywood as a teenager in the mid-’90s found herself in real life off-screen drama. Maitland Ward is best known for her role in “Bold and the Beautiful” and her relationship with her co-star Dylan Neal, who is seven years her senior, saying, “He was very much a pull-and-push guy.” Ward describes their relationship in her memoir, Rated X: How Porn Liberated Me from Hollywood.

“I was like, ‘Oh, he really likes me, he thinks I’m so great.’ He was quite a pull-and-push guy,” Maitland told Page Six. “He lured me in and we did fun things together and then he pushed me away and said, ‘What are you doing? Why are you like that?’” Recalling her time, the actress says, “It was more of a nurturing situation, and she claims it wasn’t necessarily about sex, but he would do things to lead me into that become very attached to him and only he and she didn’t see it at the time.”


Maitland Ward, who now works in the adult film industry, says in her memoir Rated X how she immediately charmed Dylan Neal after securing her first role in Bold and the Beautiful. Then the 16-year-old ward had an off-limits relationship with 24-year-old Neal and says it was a strange relationship: “He punished me a lot if I ever stepped out of line in any way” and “wanted a guide for.” Me being my career.” Ward lost her on-camera virginity to Neal and writes in her memoir that Neal would suggest what Ward should look like when her character on the soap opera lost her virginity.

“‘Big day,’ he said with a smile as I walked onto the set where it was going to happen, his college dorm, after a party where we both got involved in something we weren’t supposed to. He kept commenting on the hair and makeup that I was too done and didn’t look cute enough or innocent. “It’s her first time; you don’t want her to look like she’s going around,'” Ward recalled of the time. She said he suggested to the makeup artist that her bright lipstick made her look “feminine,” and the artist accepted Neal’s concerns and went with a lighter shade for the crucial role. “They changed me to make me more comfortable, which made Dylan feel more comfortable instead,” she writes.

The Boy Meets World actress said, “I was just new to Hollywood and I was like, ‘Wow, that sexy co-star of mine,’ and I was just so blown away by this whole fairytale idea of ​​everything,” Ward added. She went on to say that she doesn’t understand why he never realized I was younger than him.” But shortly after Ward got her wake-up call while she was giving a press interview: “Once Dylan was sitting at an interview I was having with a “He helped me answer all the questions, which I thought was cute, but the journalist later said how uncomfortable he was that I had to sit under Dylan’s supervision while he gave my answers,” she recalled. Shortly after Ward realized that Neal was responsible for all of her movements.

The return of Neal’s girlfriend Southwell (whom he is now married to and has two children together) made it easier for Ward to distance himself from him. Then Ward finally left The Bold and the Beautiful in 1996, the same year Neal Southwell tied the knot. The actress then claims she never spoke to him again until she auditioned for ‘Boy Meets World’ and saw each other, but “Neil acted like he didn’t know me, really, and I haven’t spoken to him since ‘ she told page six. Citing her experience, she says, “It was just an interesting situation that, I don’t know, I just think he liked it, he was the hero to me.”

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