Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Has Zendaya been beaten up? New viral video confuses the internet: “You make up all the rumours”

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The context of the video isn’t clear, nor is it known exactly who was involved, but many on Twitter sparked debate as to whether it was really Zendaya

A video went viral over the weekend showing a woman being brutally beaten by a man whose face is not visible. The new clip surfaced on Sunday May 29 and caused quite a stir as many thought the woman in the video was Hollywood Biggie, Zendaya.

The context of the video isn’t clear, nor is it known exactly who was involved, but many on Twitter sparked debate as to whether the woman who bore an uncanny resemblance to the ‘Euphoria’ star was really her or not . Social media users believed the 25-year-old star might have been involved in a fight, while others said it was odd that people only cared if it was Zendaya.

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Video shared by TMZ shows a woman sitting on the floor while a tall man wearing a hoodie delivers a few quick punches in the face to a woman who appears to be Zendaya. The woman continues to sit on the ground while being kicked by the unidentified man as she tries to dodge the attack. While the woman looks like Zendaya, it’s likely another woman. If we take a close look at the video, the woman is also wearing an ankle strap – something that many on the internet have been talking about.

Social media users flooded Twitter with their comments, with one of the users saying: “People are really desensitized. The girl being spanked isn’t funny and thinking it’s Zendaya isn’t funny either. Y’all need all the help.” Another chimed in, “A girl is getting spanked, but we don’t care, we just want to know if it’s Zendaya or not.” The next claimed, “Whether it’s Zendaya or not, why the hell do you all laugh at a woman who gets spanked? that’s fucking weird.”

Meanwhile, one user tweeted, “Whether it’s a girl or a boy is my thing we only care if it’s Zendaya as y’all actually know Zendaya, she’s literally as alien as the girl actually in the video.” Think about it for a second.” One user said, “You guys hate Zendaya so much you’re making up rumors about her getting spanked?? Damn crazy people.” And another concluded, “A girl that looks like Zendaya got spanked and people are saying it is her.”

“You make up all the rumours”

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