Monday, November 29, 2021

Has Thomas Binger aligned a loaded AR-15? Lawyer slammed for trial theater

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The defense attorney reveals Rittenhouse’s AR-15 during the court closing arguments, Net Slam’s ‘Baldwin Moment’ and poor gun safety

It was a tough week for Thomas Binger. The assistant district attorney faces an uphill battle for a conviction in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, made even more difficult by Judge Bruce Schroeder. Things got worse on November 15 when Binger made his closing arguments to the jury. He picked up Rittenhouse’s AR-15 and referred it to the court, which clearly violated all gun safety standards, leading to the Internet convicting Binger for his lack of basic knowledge.

As we have reported, Binger was not exactly in the favor of Judge Schroeder during the trial. He has gotten into several debates with the judge, some of which escalated into court disputes in the course of the trial. This resulted in the defense calling for a wrongful trial, which the judge considered on Nov. 10. It only increases the pressure on Binger, who, according to Rittenhouse’s emotional statement, is facing a massive challenge.


Reckless action in court

Binger tried to portray Rittenhouse as a vigilante who took matters into his own hands on the night he shot Anthony Huber, Joseph Rosenbaum and Gaige Großkreutz. He’s brought a lot of video evidence to court to back this up, but so far most experts agree that he didn’t do a great job. Even so, Binger reiterated his stance during the closing arguments, replayed some of the video recordings, and then released Rittenhouse’s AR-15.

Ironically, Rittenhouse is on trial for reckless acts, but it was Binger’s own that caused a great storm. During the closing arguments, he picked up the Rittenhouse AR-15 and swept it across the square, breaking rule number one of gun safety – never have the trigger on your finger. “That’s what provokes this whole incident. If the accused provokes this incident, he loses the right to self-defense. You cannot use self-defense against a threat you have created, ”he allegedly told the jury.

However, his arguments were quickly drowned out on social media by the tumult of his actions just weeks after Halyna Hutchins was tragically killed on the set after Alec Baldwin took a similar move. It’s unclear whether the AR-15 Binger shown in court was loaded, but, as many have noted, putting your finger on the trigger is not the right thing to do. Most experts agree that it is best to treat any firearm as if it were loaded, a lesson Binger clearly missed.

We don’t know if he personally checked the gun before taking it to court or if a professional fully unloaded it, so social media was quick to put pressure on it.

“And this man is a court clerk? That graduate of the Alec Baldwin School of Gun Safety,” tweeted one person. Another joked, “This guy just broke 3 out of 4 or 5 gun safety rules. And Kyle is the unsafe one with a gun? I think Binger played a few too many shooter video games.” Recalling the moment, one user commented, “When they start playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving.”

A journalist tweeted: “Rittenhouse prosecutor Thomas Binger putting his finger on the trigger of an AR-15 and pointing at lawyers during a trial is perhaps one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen in a courtroom.” Another angry user commented, “That Frikinian cretin DA THOMAS BINGER should have jumped on trial for daring to pick up an AR-15 without a damn clue of how to hold a gun! Pulled out or not, you do NOT put your finger on the trigger !!! ” One person tweeted: “Apparently this prosecutor needs a gun safety class … or may be banned from handling firearms because of his ruthlessness.”

It is very likely that the weapon was completely disassembled and unloaded before it was brought to court. However, given that the tragedy on the “Rust” set was only a few weeks ago, the US is currently very concerned about gun safety, and Binger apparently did nothing to help. It’s unlikely to have much of an impact on the verdict, but the public certainly won’t let it be forgotten.

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