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Has Malia White left Below Deck Mediterranean? That’s why Bosun is absent from season 7

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If you want to know why Malia is absent from Season 7 and if it has anything to do with Hannah Ferrier being fired, read on

If you’ve seen the Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 trailer/episode premiere, you might have noticed that a familiar face is missing – Malia White. The Boatswain, often cited as Captain Sandy Yawn’s favorite crew member, will not appear in the final season of the Bravo show.

New Boatswain Raygan Tyler has replaced Malia. Don’t worry, this might just be a temporary situation as Malia’s absence from the show is reportedly not permanent, or at least that’s what the controversial crew member claimed. If you’re curious as to why Malia is absent from the current season and if there’s anything to do with the public backlash has to do with the fact that she was confronted with the firing of Hannah Ferrier in a previous season, then read on.


Has Malia White left Below Deck Mediterranean?

When fans realized Malia wasn’t a part of season 7, they immediately concluded that the Bosun must have been shown the door because she received backlash for firing her crewmate Hannah Ferrier. In an interview with Metro, Malia clarified that her exit had nothing to do with Hannah’s axe. She instead claimed that she had to take time off due to a scooter accident and also had to prepare for her officer’s exam.

She said: “I didn’t go for that reason. I did not go. It’s not that I might never return to the show. I’m just not in the next season. I had a really bad scooter accident. And I’m learning for so big [exam], so it’s just a good time for me to take a break and step back. And the misunderstandings are on the show [that] I’ve got a lot of heat for the whole Hannah thing and all that stuff.” Last July, Malia had an accident just hours before the Season 6 premiere of Below Deck Med. She revealed that she narrowly escaped death, but suffered a fractured elbow, broken toes and concussion.

In an Instagram post that accompanied a picture of her injuries, Malia shared: “AFTER: On Instagram we usually share the pretty stuff but that’s the important stuff – I’m sharing this to show how important it is to always have one to wear a helmet. Mine literally saved my life. I spent the night of the premiere in a hospital bed after having a bad accident on my scooter. I’ve ridden scooters my whole life, was comfortable with the gear, didn’t drink and was 10 minutes from my boat. Accidents happen when you least expect it. Luckily I was able to get away with a few stitches, a broken elbow, broken toes, severe rash and a very achy body. I don’t want to imagine what would have been the case without my helmet! I won’t be giving up my scooter keys just yet… but I definitely realize the importance of safe cruising! 🛵🤕

Malia drew public ire when she sent Captain Sandy a picture of a Valium prescription box, a THC pen and a personalized passport holder with the initials “HF”, leading to Hannah’s firing. Although Hannah presented her doctor’s prescription for Valium, explaining that she was prescribed the pills to relieve her anxiety and pointing out that her THC pen only contained CBD oil, which is legal in Spain, Captain Sandy stuck by hers position that Hannah violates Rules B. by carrying undeclared drugs on board.

Malia commented on the situation, saying: “I have no regrets or fears about the show. It just happened what happened and it’s time to move on. Everyone has learned and it is time to just move on.”

So Malia is clearly not done with Below Deck yet. In the meantime, while we’ll have to wait and see if the infamous Bosun returns to her beloved Below Deck Med or one of the other exciting spin-offs, here’s Malia’s plan. In an interview with The Daily Dish in May, the 31-year-old revealed she’s still working in the yacht business and is ready to take her officer’s exam.

Below Deck Mediterranean returns for Season 7 on Bravo with an oversized premiere episode on Monday July 11 at 8/7 a.m. with Captain Sandy, Mzi “Zee” Dempers and an all new crew from Yachties. Peacock is offering early access to Season 7 with new episodes arriving a week early starting Monday 4th July. Find out all previous seasons of Below Deck Med now on Peacock or via the Bravo app.

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