Saturday, June 25, 2022

Has Kim Garam’s bullying case been solved? OT6 Le Sserafim advertises in Japan

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The 16-year-old was cut short after former classmates claimed she was a school bully and student assaulted, while HYBE claims Garam is innocent

With sightings of Kim Garam increasing even though the Le Sserafim member has been on hiatus, fans believe she will remain in the K-pop group. The 16-year-old idol had been accused by a victim of being a school bully, and other former classmates had spoken out, claiming Garam got into gang fights and physically assaulted students. While Knetizens immediately dropped her as school bullying is vicious in South Korea, some fans still had hope when their label HYBE claimed Garam was innocent.

But since Garam was bullied online and brutally silenced during the promotion with Le Sserafim, HYBE decided to pause her until they solved her case. There were reports that they had met with the prosecutor’s law firm to reach an agreement. While a majority of fans want Garam to come out and the group to continue with just five members, that doesn’t seem likely. In the second week of June we had a Japanese OT6 magazine cover with Garam in the middle for the first time. Korean fans also saw her going to HYBE for practice and signing autographs. And now she’s part of some Japanese promotions.

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Is Kim Garam back? At Le Sserafim’s Japanese photoshoot, fans ask about her case of bullying

On June 20, Japanese music show CDTV shared a clip announcing that Le Sserafim would be promoting their track “Blue Flame.” The clip featured Garam and was taped in May before their hiatus. At the same time, Non-No, the Japanese magazine that had the OT6 photo shoot before their hiatus, released individual clips including Garam’s. OT5 fans had initially voiced the benefit of the doubt that it would be difficult to outsmart Garam, who was the focus, with Photoshop. But with the magazine releasing solo clips of Garam and CDTV not minimizing their airtime on the music show, fans think HYBE OT6 is pushing Le Sserafim in Japan. With school bullying being similarly vicious in Japan, fans are wondering if Garam’s case is close to being resolved.

Knetz were blunt as they made comments like, “If she’s a pretty girl, I can understand why they’re trying to drag the group down to the point of being cursed… but why? She’s not even the visual.” Another wrote, “I don’t know why HYBE wants to stay with the bully to the end, even though she doesn’t have outstanding talent and looks.” Another asked, “Isn’t Japan very sensitive to school violence? Or is she not known abroad?”

One fan tweeted: “I feel really bad for ot5 lesserafim because Source Music just released a statement which basically says Garam will rejoin the group for promotions in Japan and it could mean that she’s going to Korea soon.” Another said: “The way most le sserafim viral moments are over 5 stadia ijbol y’all have to accept nobody wants your girl back. Streak for days One wondered if BTS’ J-Hope and Blackpink Rose rumor was meant to divert attention away from Garam’s appearance in Japan: “Hybe is causing a stir with this dating rumor because Garam is going to make a comeback in Japan. You direct.” attention again.”

Garam is part of some Japanese promotions

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