Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Has Jinsoul promoted skin whitening? Loona fans say she was “screwed up” over the colorist’s remark

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Jinsoul becomes the latest K-pop idol to make a coloristic remark, but fans were hopeful as she recently toured and met several POC fans

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Colorism is unfortunately widespread across most of Asia, and South Korea is no different. When international fans expressed their concerns about the coloristic remarks on Netflix global dating show Single’s Inferno, Korean viewers found nothing wrong with it. In a social experiment, Korean participants only understood the harmful effects of colorism after their education. And while fans understood why Loonas Jinsoul made some skin-lightening remarks, they’re still disappointed.

There have been several K-pop idols who have made colorist jokes or remarks such as Itzy, GOT The Beat and NCT Dream members. Loonas Jinsoul became the latest idol to talk about wishing for whiter skin. But when Loona recently went on a world tour and met thousands of fans from different ethnicities, fans were disappointed that she hadn’t changed her mindset, or at least been cautious, before voicing her thoughts on a global platform that was also attended by international fans .


Loonas Jinsoul makes coloristic remarks

While Jinsoul mostly prefers blonde hair, she decided to dye her hair black. But she didn’t like how tanned her skin looked compared to that of a Korean fan recommended on messaging app FAB: “If you tan white, [pale skin] should return.” In response, Jinsoul said, “I’ve tried looking for white tanning, skin lightening injections, and glutathione pills. But I just trust that [pale skin] I’ll come back anytime and do a good make-up instead.” The fan then said, “But how nice is it that Jinsoul’s refreshing facial features contrast with her white skin?” Jinsoul then replied, “I don’t have white skin though,,, Since this one I tanned a lot on tour… So I figured if I dyed my hair black I’d look pale, right? I was excited, but it’s not.”

One wrote: “I know but I’m very disappointed in Jinsoul so it’s just not ok. She’s a grown woman, the majority of her fans are overseas and she should know better. Sure it was a mistake and she just hasn’t thought since THAT F**KA** HANBITS brought it up, but she should have-” Another fan said, “The hanbit and the jinsoul are BOTH wrong, ik Korea is about it to be pale and shitty but it ain’t right just because you’ve been taught your whole life doesn’t mean right and she’s grown? That goes for everyone, not just because she’s an idol and has an audience listening to her.”

One fan wrote: “Kpop stans need to stop treating these adult asses like kids.I was up to speed and should have known better…especially as the Loonas brand is about embracing diversity.” Another fan wrote, “Well Jinsoul…all I can say is she can think whatever she wants about herself but no one is asking her to post this on any platform for her diverse fanbase to see.” One fan tweeted: “Yes, Korean society and the colorism that is rampant everywhere It probably conditioned Jinsoul to think about tanned skin that way but you’d think she’d be smart enough to just . don’t pass that on to their fans.”

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