Monday, January 23, 2023

Harry’s relentless attacks on the royal family stem from “trauma and paranoia,” doctors say

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Mental health experts have suggested that Prince Harry has “lost touch with reality” and that his constant attacks on the royal family are fueled by his “intense paranoia”. Experts’ concerns were compounded as he “constantly changes his stories” about alleged abuses inflicted on him and his wife Meghan Markle by members of the firm.

The 38-year-old Duke of Sussex has reportedly been in therapy for years. But top doctors fear his mental health is deteriorating after he admitted he initially thought the death of his mother, Princess Diana, in a car accident in 1997 was a joke and revealed he suffers from severe panic attacks.


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According to a doctor, Harry’s shocking claim borders on delusional. “Clinically, I would say I’m concerned that he’s not sane,” said Connecticut-based psychologist Dr. Holly Schiff opposite Radar Online. “It’s entirely possible that he’s delusional and spreading lies.” According to Schiff, the prince’s reported fantasies about his beloved mother surviving her fatal car accident and his belief that she could “walk through the door” at any moment , pure defense mechanisms. “Your brain wants to protect you, and while this primary defense mechanism is intelligent, it can lead trauma sufferers to create narratives that are safer and easier for them to digest,” she explained. “It may be easier for Prince Harry to blame the rest of his family than to face some of the actual difficulties he experienced and for him to sit and come to terms with these uncomfortable and traumatic emotions.”

Schiff also suggested that Harry’s portrayal of Charles and Camilla as villains gave him an excuse to dump the responsibility for all his problems at their feet. “Harry and Meghan twist the truth to fit the position they want to sell the public – literally in the case of this book,” Lieberman explained. “It just sheds more light on his confusion and loose view of reality. Meghan has pushed her prince over the edge by creating any reality she wants him to believe. He can’t keep his stories straight because his memories are a jumble of what actually happened in the past and what she told him.”

Schiff said Harry’s blaming game against members of the royal family is a deranged mind’s coping mechanism. “It also allows him the luxury of freeing himself from his own responsibilities so he can play more of a victim role,” she told Radar Online. “A PTSD brain works overtime, leaving you with a constant sense of danger and the need to be on high alert to protect yourself. With Prince Harry, his delusions and paranoia would match that kind of hypervigilance.”

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