Wednesday, December 21, 2022

‘Harry Potter’: Emma Watson recalled ‘trying to perform well’ when she was ‘miserable’

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Although thousands of girls dreamed of playing Hermione Granger, it was Emma Watson who ultimately won the role. The actress would devote a decade of her life to bringing the highly intelligent witch of the eight to life Harry Potter movies. But filming the movies wasn’t always a magical experience. In fact, Watson has shared that there were a few moments that were particularly challenging for her.

Watson has been candid about the fact that the final two will be filmed Harry Potter Films was sometimes very difficult. As the series grew darker, Watson and her colleagues had to contend with challenging issues. Watson’s character, Hermoine, has had to deal with leaving home, erasing her parents’ memories, being tortured, and more in recent episodes of the franchise. Watson has shared that she was occasionally overwhelmed by what the role asked of her.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 & 2 were also very physically demanding for Watson. In fact, she has shared that nothing in her career will ever be as tough as those two films. Part of what made things so tiring for her Noah Star was that she spent so much of the movies being wet, cold and generally exhausted.

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“There were days when I burst into tears in front of David [Yates, director of the final four Harry Potter movies]’ revealed Watson Collider. “Because more than anything, being cold and wet all the time just takes so much energy out of you, it’s so draining. And trying to perform well when you’re just unhappy and want to go to sleep.” Watson goes on to admit she would ask Yates for a few days off, but he felt her exhaustion from the trip served her character.

Watson may not have won the battle with Yates, but she did manage to nap whenever she could. In the above interview, the little woman Alum revealed that she constantly napped on set between takes. Her exhaustion was so extreme that she didn’t even have to make it to her trailer before she passed out.

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“I was so tired I would have fallen asleep anywhere,” Watson recalls of filming the last two Harry Potter movies. “They will never be released, but the onset photographer has pictures of me falling asleep everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. Like on chairs, on the floor, in the middle of a set, all rolled up.”

Seems like they’re going to do that Harry Potter Movies haven’t always been a cakewalk for Watson. But despite the exhaustion and the less than ideal weather conditions, she managed to prevail. The acting is clearly not as glamorous as some people might think. But at least Watson made millions for her discomfort.

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