Monday, January 23, 2023

Harry and Meghan will ultimately make decision on King Charles’ coronation, says royal expert: ‘The ball will be in Sussex court’

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Although Prince Harry noted that the “ball” is “very much” in the royal family’s “courtyard”. spare part In interviews, a royal expert believes the Duke of Sussex got it wrong. At least as far as the coronation of King Charles III is concerned.

In the first two of several interviews as part of a promotion surrounding the January 10 release of his memoir, spare partHarry spoke about the “ball” that is in the royal family’s “court of justice”.

He originally used the phrase in an ITV interview on January 8 with friend and journalist Tom Bradby. Hours later, Harry again said the “ball” was in the royal family’s “court” while speaking to Anderson Cooper 60 minutes.

It was Bradby who asked Harry about his father’s upcoming coronation in the ITV interview, which originally aired in the UK. “If you’re invited to the coronation, will you come?” asked Bradby (via ITV).

Harry replied, indicating he wasn’t sure. “A lot can still happen before then,” he said. “But you know, the door is always open. They – the ball is theirs.”

“There is much to discuss,” Harry continued. “And I really hope they can – that they’re willing to sit down and talk about it – because a lot has happened in six years. And before that too.”

Katie Nicholl, a royal expert and author of The new royalsShe believes it’s Harry – and his wife Meghan Markle – who actually have the ‘ball’ in their ‘court’.

“It’s his son, after all, and the king really wants a long-term reconciliation,” Nicholl said (via ET). But it was interesting to hear Harry say that the ball belongs to the royal family.”

“As far as I know, the guest list hasn’t even been confirmed by Buckingham Palace at this point,” she previously said spare part‘s debut on January 10.

Still, she explained, it’s up to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to decide whether or not to go to the Spring 2023 event.

“I think when it comes to the coronation, the ball will fall to the Sussexes,” continued Nicholl. “Because I think there will be an invitation from the king, I think he wants to be magnanimous, I think he wants to turn a leaf from the queen’s book.

“I think he ultimately wants to heal the rift and want his son at his coronation. So I think they’ll be invited,” the author added, noting that “it will be up to Harry and Meghan to decide whether they attend.”

Nicholl also said there could be another factor as to why King Charles is pushing for a reconciliation leading up to his coronation. “Having the run-up to the coronation overshadowed by these headlines about Harry and Meghan at that rival royal court over in America is problematic,” she said.

“Really, a reconciliation will be in The Firm’s best interests. Is this a real and meaningful and lasting reconciliation? Well, that’s the million dollar question.”

The coronation of King Charles is May 6th, a significant day for Harry and Meghan as it is their son Archie’s birthday.

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