Wednesday, January 25, 2023

‘Hard Pass’: Fans are furious as ‘Stranger Things’ star Dacre Montgomery sets records with his portrayal of Wolverine

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GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA: Dacre Montgomery has established himself as a rising star after playing school bully Billy Hargrove in the Netflix blockbuster series Stranger Things. To further cement his success in Hollywood, the Australian actor gave an impressive performance as TV director Steve Binder in Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Elvis’. Known for his sturdy looks and striking resemblance to a typical alpha male, according to fans, rumors soon began circulating that he could play the iconic role of Wolverine in Marvel films. The badass role was previously portrayed by the legendary Hugh Jackman. However, the actor has set the record straight on this rumored casting.

The 28-year-old ‘Elvis’ actor has slammed rumors he’s playing Wolverine. He told The Daily Telegraph that Hugh Jackman helped him early in his career and that his advice was more important to him than landing a big part in a big franchise. He said: “Hugh has become a good friend and mentor of mine. I feel that as a newcomer to the Australian acting world, it’s an amazing opportunity to write my own story, carve my own path and journey, and Hugh has been a truly amazing advocate of mine. I almost wouldn’t want to offend this whole scenario by trying to enter this room.


Hugh Jackman reveals why he refused to play James Bond after Wolverine

“Red Ranger Is Not Ready”

One user said, “That’s a tough one!! Pass!!” Another user tweeted: “Depends on version, teen or adult. And honestly, I know who should be playing Wolverine, but probably Taron Egerton. Dacre Montgomery is a better match for Johnny Storm.”

Another person wrote: “Taron Egerton is my first and only choice. Dacre Montgomery would make a great Gambit in my opinion, but he’s definitely too pretty to play Wolverine.” Another user said, “I can’t help but think Disney and the MCU are going to do something stupid, eh like casting Taron Egerton or Dacre Montgomery as Wolverine.”

One user said: “The red ranger is not ready for this role.” Another user said: “Nah they must go unfamiliar to Wolverine also he’s not too handsome a boy we already had before we also need someone smaller to represent little men too. I want little kings to be seen in the media young guy who is 5’5 I.”

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