Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Halo Episode 6 Recap: The Blitzkrieg Chapter pits John and Spartans against the Alliance

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Finally! There’s action and some gripping storylines that make the sci-fi thriller Paramount+ so worth watching

After two really slow episodes of “Halo” where the action completely faded into the background, Episode 5 “Reckoning” finally shows why Master Chief John 117 (Pablo Schreiber) was destined to be a Spartan and what made him so other distinguishes the other members of the program. John and Makee eventually cross paths in an episode that pretty much “lost the battle but not the war.” At 40 minutes, “Reckoning” makes up for the action that was sorely lacking, and for once the story of Kwan Ha (Yerin Ha) taking a backseat works tremendously well.

This episode contains spoilers for “Halo” Episode 5 “Reckoning”

The story picks up where it left off. It begins with a younger Dr. Halsey (Natascha McElhone) takes a tour of Eridanus II’s Reach for Life installation. She sees a school where she meets little John, who is pretty much a Steve Rogers type and a prime candidate for the Spartan program at the time. We also see Dr. Jacob Keyes with Halsey. In the present, he interacts with daughter Miranda (Olive Grey) to conduct her own research on the artifact. There’s also the long-awaited confrontation between John and Kai (Kate Kennedy), who has their pellet removed and sees things in a different light, before the alien forces invade Eridanus.

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It’s easy to see where the conspiracy is headed – the Spartan program is in danger of being terminated even if the Super Soldiers find out more about themselves. Kai isn’t exactly ready for a fight and it shows when she gets hit by the grunts. Needless to say, the Covenant attack ends with the UNSC losing the artifact. But the fact that John is a murderer is made clear when he beats an unarmed alien to death.

“Reckoning” is perhaps the spark that the series somehow missed, and surely game enthusiasts will be pleased with the action sequences. John’s killer personality is on full display, as is his vulnerability. Ultimately, he’s a man who can be controlled, and that makes things interesting, especially with Cortana in the mix. With Makee now at UNSC, only time will tell what’s in store. The sincere hope is that the action will continue as it did in this episode.

Halo hasn’t caught on yet, but that doesn’t make it a bad show. There’s still a belief that this sci-fi drama is worthy of a second season – a move Paramount+ made even before the series’ release. Now this is where it gets interesting.

Halo Episode 5 is available to stream on Paramount+

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