Sunday, November 27, 2022

‘Halloween costume?’ Mindy Kaling wants the Internet’s opinion on her floral outfit… and gets it

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Mindy Kaling posed in a bright pink halter top that looks like a large flower and costs $1,295

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Never Have I Ever director Mindy Kaling sought validation from her Instagram followers in a recent post when she flaunted a bright pink halter top shaped like a large flower with a brooch in the center looks.

The 43-year-old asked in her Instagram post: “I’m too old for this outfit slash. I hope you’re telling me it’s not me?!?!.” The bodice with crystal ties around the neck is a pricey $1295 outfit. A cutout at the back waistband adds to the look.


Mindy Kaling’s classy outfit showcases her dramatic weight loss

“Looks like a Halloween costume”

According to the Daily Mail, the director is currently working on the TV series Velma, based on the clever Scooby-Doo character. Meanwhile, Mindy, who’s been steadily losing weight over the years, recently opened up to Entertainment Weekly about her weight-loss journey. She said: “Honestly, I haven’t really done anything different on any type of restrictive diet, it never really works for me. I just eat less of it… I wish it was something juicier or more dynamic in the way I lost a bit of weight but that’s how I am. did it.” However, Mindy’s is currently busy creating episodes of the mystery show, which will debut on HBO Max in 2023.

The internet responded quickly to the post. One user said, “Classless.” Another explained: “It’s not the age! It’s a matter of taste! Do you know who her stylist is? Megan’s BFF Jessica Mulroney!!! Hahahahaha.” Another claimed, “It’s UGLY no matter how old. What a disgusting life – desperate for attention and afraid of people who don’t like you.” One tweet read, “Looks like a Halloween costume.” Another explained, “This hideous outfit doesn’t surprise me. Jessica Mulroney is her stylist.” Meanwhile, one user said, “She may not be too old to wear halter tops but what she is wearing in the picture is totally hideous, disastrous.”

Another user added, “This is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen, looks like a pillow strapped to her chest.” Another tweet claimed, “She’s not too old but she’s shapeless little flattering and cheap looking. Sorry Mindy.” However, one user explained, “It’s not a question of age — it’s a matter of good taste. That wouldn’t look good on anyone.” One tweet read, “No, not too old, but it’s absolutely awful.” Another explained, “I’ve always found that the answer is YES when you have to ask…ie does this sound mean, does it look bad, is it inappropriate? “HIDEOUS,” shouted another user. However, one tweet also claimed, “If you must ask…then yes, you are!”

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