Thursday, September 22, 2022

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 19 on ABC: Kate Walsh’s Addison Montgomery makes a comeback on the series in a recurring role

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“However, I was excited to make the comeback to where it all began for me,” Kate Walsh said in an interview

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is back and packed with surprises for viewers this season. As Season 19 viewers will see less of Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith Gray, who the show has centered around since its 2005 premiere, they will once again welcome Kate Walsh’s iconic Addison Montgomery, who has been seen as “McDreamy’s” wife since Season 2 before she developed into her personality on the show.

Originally slated for a recurring guest appearance on Grey’s Anatomy, Kate Walsh’s character became a series regular as Rhimes grew to like Walsh’s portrayal of the character. Rhimes created the first Grey’s Anatomy spinoff based on the character of Addison and dubbed the series Private Practice, which saw Addison relocate to Los Angeles after two seasons as a series regular on Grey’s Anatomy to start over there’. Unfortunately, the spin-off series lasted six seasons. Walsh decided to retire the character after eight years of portrayal, leading to her final series becoming a regular in the Grey’s Anatomy universe in the finale of the Private Practice series. However, Walsh returned to the role almost nine years later in a recurring role for Season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy, and may now see more appearances in Season 19.


According to Variety, the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ actress has revealed her comeback in the OG series. She said, “It just felt beautiful and I was so pleased that I didn’t do an interview for years that didn’t have someone say, ‘So the fans are like, are you ever going to go back to Grey’s?'” And that I did.” She continued, “Coming back into Season 18 now is like a “fever dream, it was easy to show up emotionally, and then all of a sudden burst out in the elevator because there’s just so much.”

In Walsh’s appearances in season 18, Addison grieved the death of her ex-husband Derek (Patrick Dempsey) with his sister Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and widow Meredith (Ellen Pompeo). However, in her Variety interview, she teased viewers even more, saying, “Right now we’re just shooting a few episodes and we’ll see what happens,” she said for me it all started. In the couple of episodes we shot there was a great response to the first one and I think people are going to really love the second one too. No one knows what the future holds…but for now, this is what we have planned: Addison just comes over and we’ll see what happens, what turns out.”

The medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, which follows the personal and professional lives of the doctors at Seattle’s Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital, returns for Season 19 on Thursday, October 6, 2022.

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