Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Greer Blitzer hit out for speaking “Code Republican” when MAGA followers got the first rose from “Bachelor” in 2023

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: The 27th season of ‘The Bachelor’ became the talk of the town as soon as it aired on ABC. The exciting performances of 30 brave and beautiful ladies surprised the viewers. The only lucky lady worthy of Zach Shallcross’s first rose was Greer Blitzer.

Greer brought a bottle of champagne with her when she introduced herself in a personal interview. Greer self-described as someone who is “brave, takes nothing, and is very kind.” Well, she came over with a cup of coffee as she walked up to Zach. When she offered the coffee to ‘The Bachelor’ season 27, she said, “He could be just as hot as you.” She further revealed that she has a soft spot for Zach because he lives in Austin, Texas. However, fans believe that Greer wasn’t worthy of receiving the first rose. Many of them were shocked when she saw that she got the first rose and wondered what exactly she did to get noticed. After doing plenty of digging on Greer when she bagged the first rose, one fan claimed she was a MAGA supporter.


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Additionally, some of the fans took to the Reddit thread to claim that Greer is a supporter of Donald Trump and MAGA. One fan wrote on Reddit, “Is Greer (the fimp rose) a MAGA or am I misremembering that he’s also the ‘I really just want a traditional family’ and ‘I like NYC it’s just… not the same as Texas.’ , you know, “Beast we know you speak Code Republican.” Another fan recalled that Greer had posted liberal content. “Basically, we know she was at some point and she seems to have had more liberal stuff on over the past few months Instagram posted but we don’t know if it’s a sincere change of heart or just preemptive PR/damage control,” the fan wrote. Another safely claimed, “She wasn’t sure at one point if that changed but There’s photo evidence.” One fan commented, “Yeah, search her name, there are a lot of pics and old tweets. I also know why people are so shy, but they most likely agree on these things.”

A few fans on Twitter were upset after knowing that Greer is a MAGA. One fan tweeted, “Do I find Greer annoying because we know she’s a MAGA girl, or is Greer annoying?” Another claimed that the weird vibe she was giving off was because she was MAGA . “I knew I got weird vibes from her,” the fan tweeted. Also, one fan agreed that Greer is a MAGA and added more details about her, saying, “Yeah, and according to someone she’s been with.” Going to college, when a girl started dating her ex, she spread a rumor that the girl had an STD to all the lads. She is an evil person overall. ”

Let’s keep waiting for more episodes to be released to learn more about Greer. The Bachelor season 27 airs every Monday at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

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