Wednesday, December 8, 2021

"Grateful for every single day" Heidi Klum posts a cozy photo with husband Tom

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Thanksgiving is the celebration of gratitude and Heidi Klum now used that for a romantic post on Instagram. This year, the model is especially grateful for his husband.

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays in the United States. Turkey is traditionally eaten on the fourth Thursday in November and the past few months are looked back with gratitude. The celebrities are no exception, above all: Heidi Klum.

The 48-year-old has lived in Los Angeles for many years and is busy celebrating the US holidays. Their Halloween parties are legendary, and Thanksgiving is also celebrated extensively. This year, the model shares a picture on Instagram with husband Tom Kaulitz, for which the mother of four is particularly grateful. Not just on Thanksgiving, but “every single day”.

Heidi Klum also shares the intimate moments with her husband with her almost nine million fans on Instagram. Her latest snapshot shows the couple cuddling in bed.

Heidi Klum lets her fans participate in her life several times a day. This also includes the intimate moments with her husband Tom Kaulitz. The 48-year-old posted a photo on Instagram showing the two of them in bed together.

Heidi Klum lies in the musician’s arms. He seems to be still deeply asleep. His wife, on the other hand, has closed her eyes, but is smiling all over her face. In addition, she must have taken the photo. She wrote very simply: “My heart”.

Heidi Klum is familiar with unusual styles. Now, however, the supermodel is presenting herself in one of the most common looks in the world: in a jogging suit. She presents it together with someone important to her.

“Who is better off?” Asks Heidi Klum under a photo of herself in her Instagram story. It shows her at the side of her husband Tom Kaulitz. Both have slipped into a beige jogging suit for cozy hours.

Covered with mouth protection, they sit on a sofa and look at the camera. Both he and she wear wide-cut trousers and sweaters with a feel-good guarantee. And who is better off now? Perhaps the couple should settle that among themselves.

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz: The two wear a partner look.  (Source: Instagram / Heidi Klum)Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz: The two wear a partner look. (Source: Instagram / Heidi Klum)

There we have her again: Heidi Klum as she lives and breathes. The 48-year-old lolls in the curtains of her apartment topless and otherwise with little textiles on her skin. She seems to like Greece.

Yesterday she made headlines with an appeal to the fashion industry (see below), today Heidi Klum is fully in her element again. On Instagram, she inspires her almost nine million fans with two snapshots. Both contain the Klumschen core elements: topless and not much else.

Black underpants are the only thing that covers the 48-year-old’s naked body. She stands directly in front of the windows of her terrace and holds the transparent curtains in her hands. There is also a head stretched over the shoulders and a kissing pose in the direction of the camera.

The photographer of the motif is her husband Tom Kaulitz, as Heidi Klum writes in the commentary on her contribution. There she also notes: “Kaliméra” and refers to the sun in Greece. So she seems to wish the European country on the Mediterranean a good morning. Did Heidi get out of bed like that and freshly asked her husband for a photo? Possible.

In any case, the model seems to be enjoying her professional time in Greece. Heidi Klum has been there for several days to shoot the new season “Germany’s next top model”. On Monday, she surprised her fans with a Nackedei picture from the Greek island of Mykonos (see below). In a few days, the return journey to Los Angeles will be on the agenda.

In a few months, viewers will see the new season “Germany’s Next Top Model”. It should be broadcast on ProSieben in early 2022. Heidi Klum is currently in the middle of the production phase. First in Athens, now in Mykonos and later again in the Greek capital, the model mom is shooting the new episodes of the casting show. Then it goes to her adopted home Los Angeles.

But what sounds like normal in view of the 17th GNTM season is something special this year. Because: Heidi Klum has made a promise – and this year she is doing everything to keep it. In the final of the previous season, Klum said that she also wanted “older women” for her show in the future. “From the age of 18 there are no upper limits for me. So apply now,” was her appeal, which quickly made waves – also at t-online.

Now she reports in an interview with “Bunte”: It’s not that easy at all. “The industry demands more diversity,” said Klum, “so I expanded our cast this year and opened the door even wider. There are small, very large, curvy, slim, young and older participants. Our youngest is 18, who Oldest 68. “

But the trend does not seem to appeal to everyone in the modeling industry: “Unfortunately, a lot of well-known designers who had previously agreed to have dropped out,” says Heidi Klum.

And she adds: “The reason: the dimensions of our models. You always hear how important diversity is, but when it comes down to it, then somehow not really, as we experienced firsthand. I wonder why big labels pull Not with? Right now there is the desire for change, for change. So I would generally like to say to the fashion designers out there: It’s your job to dress people – the size of your clothing shouldn’t play a role. ”

Heidi Klum: Here she is shooting in Athens for the 17th season of GNTM.  (Source: IMAGO / ZUMA Wire)Heidi Klum: Here she is shooting in Athens for the 17th season of GNTM. (Source: IMAGO / ZUMA Wire)

How successful she will be with this appeal remains to be seen. However, she should surprise many critics with it, because Heidi Klum in particular was often the target of accusations of the idealized image of beauty in the past. GNTM, so the tenor of the criticism, has contributed to the fact that girls today want to look slim and supposedly perfect.

As a model, Heidi Klum likes to deal with fashion. The 48-year-old often shows her looks on her Instagram profile. Her latest outfit causes some frowns, however.

Heidi Klum films herself in front of a mirror with her cell phone to the music of Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube. Actually nothing unusual for the GNTM boss, who loves to present herself on her Instagram profile.

This time, however, the Klum outfit is special. She wears a long denim coat, which she combines with a somewhat shorter denim shirt, which she in turn wears over another short denim shirt. To do this, she decided on cropped trousers, also made of denim with fringes. The shorts go just above the knees. You don’t see any skin because Klum wears high-necked boots under her short jeans.

Heidi Klum: She shows her layered jeans look.  (Source: Instagram / Heidi Klum)Heidi Klum: She shows her layered jeans look. (Source: Instagram / Heidi Klum)

This denim layer look takes a bit of getting used to and is almost reminiscent of the much-photographed and retrospectively celebrated partner jeans outfit by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. The couple at the time presented themselves at the 2001 American Music Awards.

A sunset, the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and a topless Heidi Klum. The combination with which the model creates enthusiasm on Instagram is not new. Only: Why Greece?

Naked facts about Heidi Klum. The 48-year-old started her morning ritual on Monday with a photo from the balcony. She only wears towels on her body: one of them covers her blonde mane, another she has loosely tied around her waist.

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