Saturday, October 1, 2022

“Girl in Room 13”: director Elisabeth Rohm on Anne Heche’s last film, “not just a film, but a movement”

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“I hope to inspire survivors and victims alike to survive and find their voice,” Rohm said of the human trafficking film

With Lifetime’s Girl in Room 13 on track for release, director Elisabeth Rohm called the Anne Heche lead more of a movie than a movement. The thriller explores the grisly world of human trafficking as it follows a woman who works tirelessly to find her daughter, who has been kidnapped by her former love interest, and intends to sell her. The film also stars Larissa Dias, Saskia Wedding, Brahm Taylor and Matt Hamilton in key roles.

In an exclusive collaboration with The List, Rohm shed light on why “Girl in Room 13” was so much more important to her and would be to audiences. “We hope that it’s not just a film, it’s a movement – and that people can educate themselves about this topic afterwards,” she explained. “It’s one of the many reasons I love working with Lifetime because they have a real sense of ownership around these tough issues.”


She added, “This film, ‘Girl in Room 13,’ specifically launches a campaign centered around Polaris (in partnership with Lifetime) for victims and survivors to continue the conversation, continue to elucidate the narrative through more research and more information, and to.” change,” she said.

“If you look at Polaris online, you will see that it is also a database. It’s a place to get information, it’s a place to educate, and it’s a place to connect victims with survivors,” she added. “Not only is this movie a tough story… It’s also a story deeply rooted in resilience, with both the mother and daughter struggling to survive. That is the purpose of this film I hope – to inspire survivors and victims alike to survive and find their voice. Polaris is truly a strong foundation to support both survivors and victims.”

Girl in Room 13 was also Heche’s last film before her tragic death. The 53-year-old actress died after driving her vehicle into an apartment building in the Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles. It was reported that she suffered severe burns after the wreck caught fire. She was pronounced dead on August 12.

Girl in Room 13 is out September 17th 8/7c on Lifetime.

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