Sunday, June 26, 2022

Girl Crush Adds Minor To ‘Sexy’ Group At 18, Fans Say ‘This Is Grooming’

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The K-pop group Girl Crush is known for their daring and seductive outfits and choreography

Since K-Pop is an experimental genre, we got all sorts of concepts and groups. Blackswan attracts everyone’s attention because it is inclusive and adds members of African, Brazilian and Indian descendants, while aespa introduced AI counterparts for its members. Girl Crush, on the other hand, shocked many with its mature and mature concept. We also had member Bomi, who became the first K-pop idol to open an OnlyFans account. And while fans initially supported her risky moves, they’re now slamming Girl Crush for adding a minor to their lineup.

Girl Crush was a dance group in 2016 that later debuted as a K-pop group in 2019. Following their single “Memories,” they released dance covers of iconic songs like Brave Girls’ “Rollin” and Iggy Azalea’s “Kream.” . Although quite underrated, they have something of a cult following because of their seductive performances and revealing outfits. With her contracts expiring in 2021, Girl Crush signed to a new label and adds a new member, Hayun aka Yujin, formerly of K-pop groups BABA and Blaze. But many found out that Hayun was born in 2005 and is still a minor.

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While all members are in their late 20s, fans found out Girl Crush would add Hayun, who’s been 17 since she was born in 2005. It caused a lot of backlash when the fandom shared that they would no longer support Girl Crush. While we’ve had underage members in K-Pop groups like SHINee, Enhypen, and NMIXX, Girl Crush’s sexy concept of wearing revealing lingerie and having seductive choreography makes it inappropriate to add an underage. Her label tried to clarify this by releasing a statement saying that Hayun wasn’t officially part of the group until she was 18 years old.

Her agency said that Hayun is just an intern and will join Girl Crush in the next year or so when she turns 18. They said that Girl Crush currently has three members – Bomi, Zia and Taeri, who are of legal age. But the label’s explanation didn’t sit well with fans, who claim that training Hayun to join Girl Crush while she’s a minor was just another form of nurturing. Additionally, Hayun was reportedly born in November 2005, which actually makes her 16 years old. The label has since deleted its social media accounts.

Girl Crush announces they are adding a member after she turns 18

Another added, “It’s like they’re doing damage control, they still posted it and used it for their content… it’s still 100% wrong.” Join Girl Crush, they nurture her. There’s no reason a kid should train alongside adult performers when everyone intends for them to join them once they reach legal age, it’s extremely exploitative and shitty.” One popular fanbase was upset: “I will changing the theme of my account soon. I don’t want to support a group that agrees to care.

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