Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Gilmore Girls: Rose Abdoo’s most disliked episode involved a pungent smell

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Gilmore Girls has such a large cast that every actor must have their own favorite episodes. The cast aren’t afraid to speak up when they’re not happy, either. Lauren Graham once said some scenes from Season 6 weren’t her favorites. Now Gypsy actress Rose Abdoo has revealed her most disliked one Gilmore Girls Consequence.

Abdoo guested with Scott Patterson I’m all in Podcast on December 30th. On the Warner Bros. lot where Stars Hollow was created, Abdoo revealed an episode that still brings back unpleasant memories.

Abdoo remembers more than one Gilmore Girls Episode focused on an odor that plagued Stars Hollow. One involved Gypsy’s coping mechanism.

“I want to say what I like least,” Abdoo continued I’m all in. “I only remember one episode, did the town smell like eggs and then cucumbers again? Which came first, the eggs or the pickles? The eggs, the eggs. Whenever it smelled, Gypsy came up with the idea of ​​getting car fresheners, air fresheners. An air freshener chain made out of trees.”

Gypsy wearing a necklace of cardboard pine air fresheners makes a fun impression. You also only have to watch it on screen for a few minutes out of an hour-long episode. For Abdoo to be on set all day filming these scenes, actual air fresheners weren’t feasible.

“So the props department, which was great but approached me with actual pine air fresheners,” Abdoo said. “Now if you’ve smelled one, you know how strong it is in your car. Now thread 12 of them on a chain. And he says, ‘Yeah, you’re going to wear that all day.’ I say, ‘You’re going to wear this all day. Are you kidding me?’ He said, ‘Well, what’s the problem?’”

Pushing it, Abdoo found out that the prop master couldn’t even be in the same room with 12 air fresheners, let alone wear them around his neck. She also gave him some gypsy cheek.

“He’s like, ‘Well, I couldn’t keep it in my office. I had to leave the room.’ And I’m like, ‘How am I going to wear it all day? There is no possibility.'”

Happily, Gilmore Girls not aired on Smellovision. People back home would never know if Abdoo was wearing real air fresheners or fake props. So Abdoo came up with the solution that made it on the air.

“So I made him go to the copier and make fake pine things for gypsies because my eyes are watering,” Abdoo said. “I’m traumatized by these pine air fresheners.”

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