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‘Gilmore Girls’: Richard’s first fiancé Pennilyn Lott is still being quoted by fans — what they say

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Linda Gehringer only appeared in one episode of Gilmore Girls, but it was a memorable one. She played Richard Gilmore’s (Edward Hermann) first fiancé to Emily (Kelly Bishop). Although Richard broke the engagement to be with Emily, he still saw Pennilyn Lott (Gehringer) once a year. Gehringer had a scene with Lauren Graham that fans still cite to her.

Gehringer was a guest of Scott Patterson I’m all in Podcast on December 8th to talk about her episode. She told Patterson something Gilmore Girls Fans still say to her when they recognize her.

Lorelai knew the story of Richard and Pennilyn. In the classic Amy Sherman-Palladino pun, Lorelai called Pennilyn her “almost mommy.” Conception doesn’t quite work that way, but you know what she means.

“I can’t tell you how many people have told me that after all these years. ‘Oh, you’re her almost mommy,'” Gehringer continued I’m all in. “Oh, they know everything. Sometimes when people say that to me, I’d say, ‘Do you watch this show a lot?’ And they’re like, ‘Oh yeah, I’ve seen it many times.’”

Gehringers Gilrmore Girls The episode first aired on November 18, 2003. Almost immediately after that, she was spotted by fans. Gehringer told the story of leaving a theater rehearsal while an acting class was taking place.

“There were all these young people, I’d say in their 20s, and I was leaving a rehearsal at the theater,” Gehringer said. “They were like [gasps] ‘You are Pennilyn Lott. Are you Pennilyn Lott?’ But they had no judgment on that. So I don’t remember people going, ‘Oh, I can’t.’ I’m sure people did, but I don’t remember it at all. It was more the excitement when people met her.”

After Gilmore GirlsGehringer recently made guest appearances in many other shows Physical, Perry Mason, SWAT, and Fear the walking death. She didn’t feel the need to visit them again Gilmore Girlseven to appear on Patterson’s podcast.

“My husband asked me today, ‘Are you watching your episode?'” Gehringer said. “And I said, ‘No. I think I remember it pretty clearly and it’s on my reel. That’s how I see it when I remake my role. But I thought it might be funnier to see what I actually remember. Every niece in my life, every goddaughter in my life, everything. They are such fans.”

Gehringer recalled that she only worked on it for a day Gilmore Girlsso didn’t spend much of it socializing.

“I took my job too seriously,” Gehringer said. “You know, when you spend a day on a show like this, you don’t fool around like some people might do, but it was adorable.”

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