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Gilmore Girls: Amy Sherman-Palladino once revealed the incredible way Edward Herrmann was cast as Richard Gilmore

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Edward Herrmann spent seven seasons portraying Richard Gilmore Gilmore Girls. To be honest, we couldn’t think of anyone who would take on the role of the stoic but caring Richard. Not even famed showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino could. After Herrmann’s tragic death in 2014, Sherman-Palladino spoke about how Herrmann became Richard Gilmore, and the story is pretty incredible.

Amy Sherman-Palladino recalled the extraordinary circumstances that led to Ed Herrmann being cast as Richard Gilmore on TV Line shortly after his death in December 2014. She told the publication that while casting for the series, she kept coming back to the role of Richard Gilmore. Sherman-Palladino recalled wishing they could get Ed Herrmann, who was in high demand and respect at this point in his career. They took a shot and sent his agent a script.

Sherman-Palladino said they were surprised to hear from his agent, who said Herrmann was willing to meet with the team but under no circumstances would he audition for the role. The agent was so adamant that he placed a “don’t read” condition on the meeting. Thrilled at just the chance to sell Herrmann for the role, Sherman-Palladino agreed.

Apparently, the authority that Herrmann wouldn’t audition didn’t come from the legendary actor. Sherman-Palladino recalled Herrmann entering the room, sitting down and telling everyone he liked the script. Then, to everyone’s surprise, he asked if he should read for the role. He didn’t even wait for her answer. He just started reading the script.

Edward Herrmann was resold Gilmore Girls pretty much immediately. He liked the script and wanted the role of Richard. Despite this, the famous actor was a huge attraction for a fledgling show. However, although he appeared in more than 100 episodes, he was never credited as a member of the main cast. Instead, Herrmann was always listed as a “special appearance” in the credits.

Over the years, fans have questioned the cast’s odd presentation. Many were offended for Herrmann. They didn’t have to be. While the “special appearance” listing has bothered some fans, it’s actually a mark of respect. His billing at the end of the credits as “a special appearance by” served as a tribute to Herrmann’s achievements as an actor.

While most performers made their homes in Hollywood and surrounding neighborhoods, Herrmann had a little in common with him Gilmore Girls Character. He, too, called Connecticut at home. However, to be fair, he lived in a Connecticut town more like Stars Hollow than Hartford.

According to a DVD-exclusive interview, Herrmann lived in Sharon, Connecticut. A small town in the hills of Litchfield County, Connecticut. With a small population, the city is tight-knit, and small, independent businesses line the main shopping district. Nevertheless, Herrmann differed from his screen character in one major respect. Richard Gilmore was a proud Yale graduate while Herrmann attended Bucknell University in Pennsylvania.

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