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Gilmore Girls: 3 Subtle Moments That Prove How Terrible A Dad Christopher Hayden Really Was

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Christopher Hayden may have been Rory Gilmore’s biological father, but he certainly wasn’t an ideal father. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how absent Christopher was because he was so strong Gilmore Girls focused on Rory and Lorelai Gilmore’s mother-daughter relationship. We picked three seemingly subtle moments Gilmore Girls proving that Christopher Hayden was an absolutely horrible father. To be honest, that makes us a little sad for Rory.

Rory was rarely angry with her father. However, his near-total absence was hinted at on numerous occasions during the show’s earliest seasons. In the season 2 episode, “Presenting Lorelai Gilmore,” Rory had to ask her father to introduce her to a debutante ball. She was anxious and apprehensive about asking him to show up for her, choosing instead to allow Lorelai to do so.

When Lorelai got in touch with Christopher, he told her that he would be able to introduce Rory. When Lorelai broke the good news to Rory, she was beaming, but what she said next was quite sad. Lorelai shared with Rory that Christopher said he would “definitely” be there. While it was a happy moment for Rory, it was also enlightening. Rory noted that there was a 50/50 chance he would show up as if those were good odds. The bittersweet Gilmore Girls Moment subtly revealed how many times Christopher Hayden had failed his daughter.

For the first two seasons, it was clear that Rory idolized her father, even though he was never around to take care of her. However, in Season 3, she finally revealed how she felt. After leaving Lorelai because Sherry was pregnant, Christopher repeatedly attempted to connect with Lorelai and presumably Rory, but the requests were ignored. Nobody wanted to speak to him.

When he showed up at Richard and Emily Gilmore’s to force a confrontation, he got more than he bargained for. It was the first time Rory let loose on Chris. When Chris accused Lorelai of keeping Rory away from him, she jumped in to defend her mother, telling Chris, “I always understand! and I don’t want to understand! I don’t really want to talk about it now; i have mom Thats all I need! Be someone else’s father!”

Even after his perfectly articulate daughter explained herself, he still refused to accept what she was saying. Christopher again accused Lorelai of forcing Rory to be angry with him, as if his decision to leave her again wasn’t the real reason for Rory’s dismay. the Gilmore Girls Moment proved Christopher Hayden knew nothing about his child. It also showed how little responsibility he was willing to take on.

Christopher was not a good father to Rory; we have found that much. However, Christopher fans might argue that he was exceptionally young when Rory was born and that his age might explain much of his early behavior. However, there is a problem. He didn’t learn his lesson and he wasn’t a better father for GiGi overall.

In the first two years of his second child, he traveled a lot for work. He traveled so much that his then-wife, Sherry Tinsdale, left their child with a nanny to pursue a job opportunity in another country. Little did Chris know that she had been gone for some time. After being forced to take responsibility for his second child, Christopher knew almost nothing about parenting and didn’t seem really interested in learning how to effectively parent. When Lorelai first came into contact with GiGi, she was difficult and prone to temper tantrums so violent that several elite preschools rejected her. Christopher may have felt bad about GiGi’s mom lashing out at her, but he didn’t do her any favors either.

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