Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Gil Ofarim raised charges of anti-Semitism "I’ve made myself a target and I’m threatened"

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About a week ago, Gil Ofarim made public allegations of anti-Semitism against a hotel in Leipzig. He has also received hate messages and threats since then.

Gil Ofarim made an incident in a Leipzig hotel public last week. In an Instagram clip, the singer said he was passed over at check-in because he was wearing a necklace with a Star of David. “I am still speechless and shocked, but at the same time not surprised,” said the 39-year-old at “Zervakis & Opdenhövel. Live.” on ProSieben. Ofarim, who describes himself as a secular Jew, reported on the show what the video did for him.

Ofarim said he wasn’t looking for all the “hype” that is currently going on around his person, but he told himself that he had to do something. Going public did not only bring headlines and solidarity, said Ofarim. “In the end, I made myself a target. I am now threatened,” said the singer. The day before yesterday he played the theater “and suddenly the police stood in my cloakroom and asked me for information where I was going to spend the night tonight. None of that made any sense to me and I was escorted by the really very friendly officers – a bus in front of me me, a bus behind me. “

He hasn’t turned on his cell phone for a week. Yesterday he received a message that said: “You will be at the forefront of the next cleanup, my friend.” In his original clip he said: “Germany 2021”.

This is “not all of Germany. But we must not look further afield. Above all, we must not pretend that it is only a small part of society.” Anti-Semitism “has now arrived in the middle of society. And that must not be. Especially when you notice something like that, you have to open your mouth and do something about it and say something.”

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