Sunday, June 26, 2022

‘Get dressed’: Coco Austin was slammed for wearing a revealing G-string bikini with her daughter at the water park

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The 43-year-old mum was slammed for dressing improperly while splashing around with her child in a series of poolside photos at Baha Bay Water Park

Coco Austin is on vacation in the Bahamas with her husband, American rapper Ice-T, and their daughter Chanel. The 43-year-old model was slammed in a series of photos taken poolside at Baha Bay Water Park for dressing improperly while splashing around with her child. For their trip to the water park, mother and daughter wore matching pink and blue bikinis, with one important exception. Coco’s Cossie had a short G-string style that showcased her buttocks, while Chanel’s had ordinary bottoms. However, other parents were furious at the photos showing other youngsters in the area and have called Coco’s swimsuits inappropriate.

One of Coco’s three million followers replied: “Your swimsuit is sooo NOT suitable for a water park.” I’m just curious if you ever feel this way,” added another user. Someone wrote, “UNFIT for a water park.” The outrage continued, and others joined the pile as Coco posted another series of snaps, explaining that Ice-T had turned into her paparazzi.


Though Coco’s revealing dress doesn’t appear to have violated any water park restrictions, one person wrote, “It’s disgusting that what you think is acceptable to wear around kids.” , smh [shaking my head]’ added another person. “You’re at a water park in front of a lot of kids dressed like that!” another person noticed.

Visitors to the “luxury” attraction must adhere to a dress code, which states that bathing suits, bathing suits, and similar items of clothing are acceptable attire, according to Baha Bay Water Park’s website. There is no mention that G-strings are prohibited. Many also came to Coco’s defense, as one pointed out, “She wears a bikini in the Bahamas. Why would she have to adjust her clothes when there are kids?” “She’s in a two piece, not nude,” added another person. “If you don’t like seeing her a** then don’t watch it. She doesn’t hurt anyone.” yet another person remarked.

Nicole Natalie Marrow, commonly known as Coco Austin, is an American actress, dancer and glamor model. She has been married to rapper-actor Ice-T since January 2002. According to the Daily Mail, the celebrity mum is no stranger to having her parenting skills questioned by outsiders, as Coco and Ice-T were recently fined for letting their child use a stroller. Her daughter Chanel seemed less than thrilled in a snap taken at the Atlantis resort on the exotic island while her parents went shopping. Many users slammed Coco when the little girl was visibly bored while sitting in her stroller and was seen putting her hand on her head.

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