Thursday, May 5, 2022

GET COZY! Pete Davidson grabs GF Kim Kardashian’s butt on the red carpet of the White House Correspondents Dinner

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Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian were reportedly sitting at the Disney/ABC table as The Kardashians, a new reality show on Hulu owned by Disney

Pete Davidson was spotted wrapping his hand around Kim Kardashian’s perky bottom as the couple was photographed at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday, April 30.

The comedian, 28, and his fashion mogul girlfriend, 41, looked cozy as they arrived at the event together. Davidson wore a simple black shirt with a black tie and matching sneakers, while Kim donned an all-white dress and a train that flowed behind her. Their relationship, which began in October 2021, seemed to be getting more serious last month after the ‘SKIMS’ founder was reportedly introduced to the SNL star’s grandparents while he was filming a movie in Staten Island, New York.


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The White House Correspondents Dinner, which hadn’t taken place in two years due to the pandemic, has been known to poke fun at the President, the Washington DC community and other sociopolitical issues. Davidson and Kim were reportedly sitting at the Disney/ABC table as The Kardashians, a new reality show airing on Hulu, the Disney company. The ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ star was last seen at the event in 2012, where she was toasted by host Jimmy Kimmel. “If you’re looking for the biggest threat to America, it’s right there,” the late-night comedian joked at the time. “She’s Kim Kardashian.”

Kim has visited the nation’s capital on several occasions, most notably to meet former President Donald J. Trump at a White House event about ex-convicts in 2019. The TV personality-turned-social justice campaigner spearheaded a campaign to help reformed convicts find gainful employment upon their release from prison. She also revealed the creation of a new ridesharing service aimed at helping ex-prisoners attend job interviews. “Everyone wants the community to be safe,” Kim said during a speech to White House officials in the East Room. “The more options we and they have and the more support we give them, the safer everyone will be,” she added. The reality TV star has been praised by audiences including former President Ivanka Trump’s daughter.

Kim, a mother of four, became involved with the cause after encountering the case of Alice Marie Johnson, a grandmother who was serving a life sentence without parole for drug offenses until Trump told her in response to the ‘KUWTK’ Star mercy granted plea. Kim has since gone to law school. Trump later said he was a fan of Kim’s, noting, “I think she’s very popular.”

However, Kim and Pete Davidson’s visit to the White House came just days after it was revealed that her ex Kanye West retrieved their sex tapes during their marriage. According to Today, a devastated Kim Kardashian sobbed after her child saw an ad for a previously unseen video of her sex tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J. In 2007, a sex film starring Kim and Ray J, who dated for two years, was released. Kim had denied the existence of a second tape but expressed concern about the possibility of one at the premiere of The Kardashians.

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