Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Georgia Prison Break: Who Are The Convicts On The Run After Taking A Female Guard Hostage?

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One of the five who took the prison guard’s car has now been recaptured, while four others are still at large

HAWKINSVILLE, GEORGIA: A manhunt has been launched on some refugees – two of whom are suspected of murder – who escaped from a county jail after one of them took a female guard hostage. One of the five has now been caught again while others are on the run.

This weekend, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) issued a blue alert after prisoners escaped from the Pulaski County Law Enforcement Center. They also reportedly took the guard’s car keys and attacked the other guard who was present at the scene. The number of the vehicle – a white 2015 Kia Sedona – they escaped in is CMP-8628.


Who are the six prisoners who escaped from Merced County Jail, California? This is how you recognize them

Who are the five prisoners who escaped?

According to the authorities, the prisoners are Tyree Williams, Dennis Penix, Brandon Pooler, Tyree Jackson and Lewis Evans. However, Jackson has now been captured. He was behind bars after being charged with car break-ins. Williams is charged with murder and trespassing for allegedly shooting a man in July last year. Penix is ​​said to have murdered two men four years ago in a failed drug deal. Pooler is charged with child cruelty and Evans is charged with handicapping an officer.

Sheriff Danny Brannen said prisoners escaped from prison on Friday night November 12 when a guard in a cell was talking to an inmate when another inmate attacked one of the prison guards. Brannen added that inmates threatened to kill the hostage guard before taking their personal car keys. They also took a taser before escaping.

Captain Larry Jackson said the inmates were dangerous and the public should not do anything alone if they see them. You have been advised to call 911, the Pulaski County Sheriff’s office at 478-783-1212, or Hawkinsville Crimestoppers at 478-783-9255. In addition, the US Marshals Service has announced that individuals who provide information leading to the direct arrest of one of the wanted inmates will receive a reward of up to US $ 5,000.

This comes months after six inmates escaped California’s Merced County Jail by downgrading the walls from the roof with homemade ropes. At the time, the California Police Department wrote on Facebook: “On January 10, 2021, prison staff at the Merced County Sheriff’s Office discovered that just before midnight, six inmates held at the Merced County Downtown Jail were missing in their cell. Preliminary investigation found inmates were able to gain access to the facility’s roof and use a homemade rope to climb down the side of the prison. The Merced County Sheriff’s Office has set up a task force to track down and arrest these refugees. “

The names of the prisoners were: Fabian Cruz Roman, Gabriel Francis Coronado, Andres Nunez Rodriguez Jr, Edgar Eduardo Ventura, Jorge Barron and Manuel Allen Leon.

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