Thursday, January 19, 2023

Gary Oldman would retire from character in The Dark Knight Rises due to acting by Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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Actor Gary Oldman became an integral part of Batman mythology with his portrayal of Commissioner Jim Gordon. But in The Dark Knight riseshe occasionally struggled a bit to maintain his character in scenes with co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

It might be hard to imagine Oldman playing anyone but Commissioner Jim Gordon on Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. But originally, Nolan hadn’t envisioned Oldman playing Gordon at all. Although he wanted The professional Star of the film, Nolan had a different character in mind for Oldman. The filmmaker attempted to pitch the concept of the director’s new take on Batman during a meeting with Oldman.

“Chris admired and was a fan of the comic and the original conception of Batman, which was darker. So that was basically the pitch, he said, “I’m going to reinterpret it, I’m going to try to base it more on reality, there will be explanations.” I thought it sounded fantastic,” Oldman once said in an interview with Rich (via Comic Movie). “Then they came in with a bad guy. And I was at the point where you’re like, ‘Oh. I can not do this anymore”. I really felt like I played every note I could in terms of villains.”

But when Oldman looked at Nolan’s take on Commissioner Gordon, the Oscar-winner figured out who he wanted to play.

“I thought about it and then I said to my manager, ‘What about Jim Gordon?’ And they suggested it [Chris] and to his credit he cast me. He said, ‘Oh, that’s an interesting idea,'” Oldman recalled.

Oldman worked with a talented cast in Nolan’s Batman franchise. He marveled at some of these actors, such as Michael Caine, who played Batman’s butler Alfred. Oldman recalled a scene with Caine that he thought was a phenomenal display of acting.

“There was a scene [on The Dark Knight Rises] where Michael, Michael Caine, had to get very emotional and it’s almost heartbreaking, it’s almost too painful to watch. And he came in, take one: Got it. Take two: Got it. Take three: nailed. I mean, it was like an acting master class. I said to Christian at the time: ‘That’s how it is [frick]finished.’ I can only see it. No mess,” Oldman recalled.

Oldman also worked part-time Rises’ Joseph Gordon Levitt. Levitt was a new addition to Nolan’s Batman trilogy, playing an honest cop who worked with Oldman’s detective Gordon. Oldman gave Gordon-Levitt similar praise to Caine. Gordon-Levitt was sometimes so good that he interfered with Oldman’s own performance.

“Someone who’s so talented, I shoot these scenes with him, and you can’t trick a disingenuous move,” Oldman once said MTV News (via Contact Music). “It’s wonderful. You lose your role sometimes because you’re in a scene and your head is like, ‘Wow, he’s pretty good!'”

As much as Oldman might have loved the role, he knew he wouldn’t play Commissioner Gordon forever. His tenure as an honest Gotham City police officer ended with Riseswhich left Oldman with a mixed bag of feelings.

“So I think there’s a relief and it’s mixed in [some sadness.] It was pretty sad to have Jim retire on my last night of filming,” Oldman once said Moviefone (via Comic Movie).

Actor Jeffrey Wright now plays Jim Gordon in a new generation of Batman films directed by Robert Pattinson.

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