Sunday, October 17, 2021

Garcelle Beauvais appears in the cast of Shade ‘RHOBH’, supported by Erika Jayne

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Garcelle Beauvais talks about her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmates who helped Erika Jayne with her legal troubles last season of the show – and beyond.

In an interview with Page Six ahead of the “RHOBH” reunion, Garcelle said that she felt that some people were supporting Erika without really knowing the facts. “I got a feeling that some people were blindly behind her,” said Garcelle. There was at least one ‘housewife’ who didn’t really question Erika’s stories, and that was Lisa Rinna. However, at the start of the season, Erika appeared to have the full support of many other cast members, including Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley.

Garcelle defended the “housewives” who asked questions about Erika’s situation – the ones who were trying to understand a little better what was going on. “Those were questions everyone would ask! That was my thing. I thought, ‘It’s not that crazy.’ It wasn’t so crazy that we would ask, ”she said. The “housewife” Erika seemed to ask the most questions throughout the season was Sutton Stracke.

Here’s what you need to know:

Garcelle has talked about Erika quite a bit, probably because she gets asked about Erika all the time when she does an interview.

In chat with E! News, Garcelle announced that she isn’t sure if Erika will be returning to “RHOBH” next season. “We don’t know what the end is yet,” she told the point of sale, referring to Erika’s legal problems.

According to TMZ, Erika will be a part of the upcoming season and the producers are ready to start filming immediately, hoping, “[cash] in “about Erika’s divorce drama.

Whether Garcelle is planning a return to “RHOBH” or not, she hopes. “That’s the plan. The plan is to go back, so … yeah,” Garcelle told Radar Online when asked if she would be on the next season of the show.

When it comes to the upcoming “RHOBH” reunion, which will air in four parts and take us into November, Garcelle told E! News that fans can expect “Drama, emotions, tough questions, [and] scream a little. “

In her interview with Page Six, she praised Erika for answering the questions she was asked during the tense sit-down. “[Andy Cohen] understood the assignment to a T! He went in. There were tough questions and he wouldn’t give in. But, you know what? Erika didn’t give in either, ”she said.

Previously, Garcelle appeared to be showing some support for Erika, who is believed to have been in the hot seat during much of the pre-recorded reunion.

“She was really honest and said a lot of things we wanted answers to, but we weren’t sure she would reveal them,” Garcelle told the Daily Mail. “Erika was good and she showed up, she did her best, which I think is pretty amazing considering what she’s been through. She is not hiding. I like that she faces her co-stars and fans, ”she added.

Part one of the four-part reunion will air on Wednesday, October 13, 2021 on Bravo.

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