Tuesday, January 24, 2023

From Hollywood to the Oceans: ‘Cheers’ Star Ted Danson’s Environmental Work

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The NBC comedy applause provided job security to Ted Danson for 11 years. Caring for his Hollywood lifestyle also prompted Danson to do something for the greater good. Danson explained how he would use it applause to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Danson was a guest on the WTF with Marc Maron Podcast on March 11, 2018 about Season 2 of The good place. At the end of the interview, Danson spoke about the work he has done outside of show business since he was hired applause.

Once applause proving to be a success after the first season, the cast could expect to set up camp in the Los Angeles area. Danson chose a coastal location, but soon became aware of an environmental struggle.

“During the applause I moved into a neighborhood years ago,” Danson said WTF. “It fought Occidental Petroleum for drilling 60 oil wells in Santa Monica Bay. And I became friends and collaborators with the environmental advocate who was running it.”

A 1988 vote defeated Occidental Petroleum Corp.

“We managed to beat them, which was amazing, and we enjoyed the conversations we had with each other and across oceans,” Danson said. “Somehow naively we started, let’s start an organization. We started the American Oceans Campaign. And it was about offshore oil, coastal pollution. We had lobbyists in Washington working with us and really good staff of about 12 people.”

asked Danson, who continued his environmental work applause fans to listen to his scientific partners.

“It went on for 15 years and I was always the actor who said, ‘Thanks for watching applause. Can I have a moment of your time? You should hear what this marine biologist says,'” Danson said. “So I’m not an expert, but I was a speaker and learned a lot from being with these amazing people. Then it merged into a newly formed organization called Oceana, which was truly international. We never quite got beyond the celebrity boutique environmental organization. Oceana is now the largest in the world.”

Danson remains involved with Oceana. He gave the audience a brief outlook on the organization’s work.

Or, in short, “Eat wild, local and small,” said Danson. “That’s the rule of thumb.”

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