Thursday, December 1, 2022

From ‘fake’ kids to ‘glass prison’: unspoken rants leaked out of Kanye West’s Tucker-Carlson interview

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The comments promise to spark more controversy in an already turbulent week for the rapper

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK CITY: Kanye West recently sat down with Tucker Carlson for a two-part interview for Fox News’ show “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” in which the duo engaged in conversations on a variety of topics, including his White Lives Matter controversy. .

However, leaked, unaired footage from the interview released by Vice contains many more Vile statements from Kanye, who recently changed his name to Ye. The 45-year-old said during the interview: “When I say Jew, I mean the 12 lost tribes of Judah, the blood of Christ, who the people known as the black race really are. That’s who our people are Blood of Christ. I believe in that as a Christian.”


According to the DailyMail, the rapper claimed “wrong” children were “planted” in his home to influence his four children. He later spoke about what it’s like to be judged by another black person: “Remember that we would judge each other on how white we could speak, you know, one Jewish person being another Jewish one Person judged by how well they danced or something.” He stopped. “I mean, that’s probably a bad example, and people get mad at that shit.” A few moments later, he added, “I probably want to edit that out.” Lately, the rapper has gotten himself into a lot of controversy, and has, too Rumors sparked about a date with Juliana Nalu.

In the leaked video, the ‘Praise God’ artist also claimed that he doesn’t like the ‘Planned Parenthood’ basis. At that point, he said the organization set up by Margaret Sanger, a well-known “eugenicist,” to “control the Jewish population.” Meanwhile, he also admitted to receiving COVID vaccine and being asked to do so not to support Donald Trump in the presidential election, adding: “I prefer my children to know Hanukkah than Kwanzaa.” At the very least, there will be some financial engineering involved.”

He added that black people who are the “real” Jews are based on a belief associated with black Hebrew Israelites, according to the Souther Poverty Law Center. Meanwhile, he also explained that he plans to create “kinetic energy communities” built with “free energy,” an idea Kanye said he sees “over and over again” in visions of God, claims Forbes . The rapper also made some vague comments, including the “so-called son” of one of his employees being brought into his home to “sexualize my kids.” He said, “I mean, actors, professional actors who were brought into my house to sexualize my children.” he was smarter than her, wasn’t he?” reported PageSix.

Kanye also spoke about the attitude of Kim Kardashian’s family during the celebration of one of their children, where it was Travis Scott who gave him the address of the venue. He said: “When I showed up they were so exhausted. If that isn’t Karen level, feeling like you can take a black kid without giving the father the address. This is how people are treated when they come out of prison and when they go to prison. And I’m 100 percent in a glass prison, otherwise I’d be the one in charge of where my kids go to school. The singer also hinted that his ex-wife apparently kidnapped their child before the birthday party.

One of the most bizarre comments in the footage concerned the death of his friend and famous fashion designer Virgil Abloh, who died of cancer in November 2021 at the age of 41. He hinted that he was killed by the Louis Vuitton brand. Virgil was actually the third person to die from cancer in this organization. So not only black men died in this organization, but the third person who died from cancer who was in a higher position in this organization,” the rapper said. “And with Paris, there’s another level of elitism and racism. And Virgil was the kind of guy he didn’t hold onto. And I think it ate him up from the inside,” he claimed.

In the interview he said: “I do certain things out of a feeling; I just channel the energy. He also said he found the idea of ​​him “wearing the shirt funny,” and his father – who he claimed was a former Black Panther – thought so too. “

The artist then explained, “I said, ‘Dad, why do you think that’s funny?’ and he said, ‘It’s just a black man stating the obvious.’ Dad, why do you think that’s funny?’ He said, “It’s just a black guy stating the obvious.” That was my favorite answer because I kept thinking, ‘People are looking for an explanation. And people say that as an artist you don’t need an explanation, but as a leader you do.’ Yes.” Kanye was recently banned from Twitter and Instagram and got into a huge feud with Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber, and other celebrities.

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