Monday, January 23, 2023

From Drug Dealing to Penis Flashing: The Many Controversies of Tim Allen

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In addition to his films and series, Tim Allen has been the star of several controversies, including getting a DUI, saying he “liked” Donald Trump and railing against “Wakeness” and Joe Biden. The best known are his arrest for drug trafficking and now a sexual harassment incident.

Pamela Anderson recounted one of her early experiences with Allen in the entertainment industry in her memoir. She revealed a disturbing encounter she had with her co-star. Anderson said Allen, then 37, showed her his penis on the set of Home Improvement in 1991


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Anderson mentioned the incident in her memoir, Love Pamela, which Variety acquired ahead of its Jan. 31 release. In the book, she writes, “On the first day of shooting, I walked out of my dressing room and Tim was in his robe in the hallway. He opened his robe and quickly flashed me, completely naked underneath. He said it was only fair because he saw me naked. Now we are the same. I laughed uncomfortably.” Allen was most likely referring to Anderson’s models for Playboy when he flashed them.

“I would never do something like that,” Allen told Variety, adding that the incident Anderson described “never happened.”

The memoir chronicles Anderson’s rise from a small-town Vancouver girl to one of the world’s most recognizable personalities.

Arrest of Tim Allen

Allen was arrested for possession of more than 650 grams of cocaine on October 2, 1978, just two years after graduating. He was only 24 years old at the time. According to a book Tim Allen (Overcoming Adversity) by John F. Wukovit, Allen was founded by an undercover cop Michael Pifer, who had been stalking him for months. Allen placed a bag containing another 650 grams of cocaine in a locker and gave Pifer the key to the locker.

Allen took a risk and decided to face a court hearing. He pleaded guilty to human trafficking charges and gave key information about the names of partner traffickers in exchange for a lighter sentence. After completing his final hearings, he faced a sentence of three to seven years, later serving only two years and four months for positive and repentant behavior.

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