Monday, November 28, 2022

Friends & family remember Erin & Ben Napier’s wedding anniversary: ​​photos & video

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Fourteen years after they tied the knot, HGTV’s Erin Napier is clearly just as smitten with her husband Ben as she was in 2008. In honor of their anniversary, she shared three throwback photos from their special day that have sparked thousands of comments on social media from fans and Celebrities, but also friends and family who were there. Here’s a look at her sweet memories…

To celebrate her fourteenth anniversary on November 22, 2022, Erin shared three throwback photos from her wedding to Ben, including one nose-to-nose, another revealing the details of the back of her dress, and the last one showing her are altar while Ben’s father officiates and Erin’s best friend and maid of honor, Mallorie Rasberry, smiles as she watches.

Erin captioned the post: “14 years ago today I got a new last name and my parents gave birth to another son. I am thankful every day that God saw fit to make us family”

A few friends of the Napiers recalled the extremely cold day; According to Wunderground, it was barely above freezing in Mississippi this morning.

Girlfriend Anna Lee Patrick wrote, “I get cold just thinking about this day,” adding a frozen face emoji.

Another family friend, Amanda Blackwell McLeod, chimed in with a laughing emoji and commented, “The benches were like ice cream and my dress was strapless… I sat with full attention so my back didn’t touch the bench! Happy anniversary guys!!!”

Responding to this comment, Patrick wrote: “And @erinnapier was out there in that sleeveless dress and spent hours taking pictures like a frigging rock star!”

Erin liked her comments, and she and Ben also liked a comment from her mom, Karen Rasberry, who admitted she didn’t realize it was her special day.

“I forgot today is your anniversary,” she wrote. “What an unforgettable wedding you all had. I didn’t know what path you would end up taking, but it turned out pretty well. Thank you for you and Ben and the two girls you all made. You are the joy of my life.” Rasberry added four red hearts to her comment.

After their 2008 wedding, the couple traveled to New York City for their honeymoon and to celebrate Thanksgiving, including attending the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. On Nov. 15, 14 years later, Erin posted from a dinner in New York after appearing on the TODAY Show.

“I’ve sat across the table from him for almost 18 years,” she captioned a photo of Ben sitting across from her at the dining table. “14 years ago we honeymooned in NYC and tonight we talked about parenthood and reminisced about who we used to be when we came to this city. It feels so long ago, far away. But I still like him. really like him. And love him. I’m really lucky to still get butterflies.”

On her 12th anniversary in 2020, Erin found and shared with fans her wedding video, which can be viewed by clicking play on the Instagram post above. Die-hard fans will recognize “Home Town” regulars Mallorie and Jim Rasberry, who are among their best friends and business associates. In her 2020 post, Erin revealed that the two got engaged at their wedding.

According to Southern Living, the two tied the knot at the University of Mississippi’s Paris Yates Chapel. The Napiers finished their education there after meeting at Jones Community College.

On the Southern Weddings blog in 2014, Erin shared how quickly the two knew they were meant to be.

“After a year of secret crushes,” she said, “I was commissioned to create a story for our college yearbook about ‘Big Ben,’ the most popular guy on campus, so we hung out that Thursday afternoon.” and said ‘I love you, let’s get married’ on Monday.”

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