Sunday, June 26, 2022

Freddie Gibbs attacked in Buffalo, fans blame swollen face on rival Benny The Butcher

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Social media users flocked to Twitter as soon as TMZ received a video showing the rapper being attacked by a group of people

Freddie Gibbs recently appeared onstage with a swollen eye for his performance in Buffalo, New York. As it turned out, the Native American was allegedly attacked by 20 men before his performance. Although unconfirmed, it is believed that it was Benny the Butcher’s goons who reportedly attacked Freddie Gibbs.

The ‘Built for This’ hitmaker has had some troubles over the past year and his rivalry with Benny has also been making late internet leaks. For the layman: Benny hails from Buffalo – the place where Freddie Gibbs was supposed to perform. Social media users flocked to Twitter as soon as TMZ received a video showing the rapper being attacked by a group of people. Gibbs also apparently had his chain ripped off during the brawl.

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‘That Freddie Gibbs for the second time in 6 months’

According to a video released by TMZ, a massive brawl took place at the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Buffalo, where the rapper was in town for a gig. The 39-year-old hip-hop artist can be seen being taken to the ground while a bunch of men punch and kick him in the clip, which has now gone viral. Social media users believe Benny The Butcher is responsible for the entire incident.

Freddie Gibbs and Benny The Butcher have been constantly attacking each other using social media. The beef began when the Griselda rapper claimed his collaboration with Gibbs “came and went” during Spotify’s Most Necessary Live interview. Since then, the two have been constantly toasting each other. Speaking of the recent incident, the two are yet to comment. Latestpagenews keeps you up to date.

Social media users took to Twitter to talk about Freddie Gibbs getting jumped. “Freddie Gibbs was shot in New York, hounded in Detroit, beaten up by Jim Jones jerks, and now beaten up by Benny the Butcher’s jerks. madlib should have gone with roc marciano instead,” said one user, while another posted, “This Freddie Gibbs gets his ass spanked for the second time in 6 months while going out to dinner. He needs to download Uber-Essen at this point.

The next shared: “What the heck do freddie gibbs and benny the butcher have to argue is 27th place on the billboard really that competitive.” because you all fight each other when your people get gunned down and hunted down in your town is embarrassing.” One added, “The guy stood his ground and performed anyway. Also 20 people were involved and he got a black eye? Wack.” Another concluded, “Freddie Gibbs 40 man you know how wild it is to get jumped at that age I know he’s sore as hell.”

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