Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Fox’s Laura Ingraham claims her viral “You” misunderstanding was a “comedy bit” – and people aren’t convinced

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We’re sure by now you’ve seen Fox News personality Raymond Arroyo seemingly struggled on the show to get Ingraham the premise of a. to explainYou Episode.

It was the viral moment that even resulted in Penn Badgley getting into it himself, but now Laura Ingraham claims the exchange was in the name of comedy.

The duo eventually settled on whether or not the segment was up a bit on Wednesday. Speaking to Ingraham, Arroyo said, “People ask if it’s real or scripted, Laura.”

“What do you think?” replied Ingraham.

“I think people crave something authentic and real and they get a little of it,” said Arroyo.

She replied, “Do you know what I’m thinking, Raymond? I think there are a lot of liberals out there who don’t like conservatives having fun. This is what i think! Do you know what I’m still thinking? I guess they haven’t laughed in 30 years and for something we practiced for like 30 seconds? We have around 20 million views on YouTube. OK?”

If you haven’t seen the clip, Arroyo describes the scene on the Netflix show with a case of measles that seems to perturb Ingraham.

Arroyo said, “I saw an episode of You that featured measles -“

“Wait, when did I mention measles?” Ingraham cut him off.

“I don’t know,” replied Arroyo. “It was You. ”

For the remainder of the one-minute clip, Ingraham seems to have misunderstood the show’s title when Arroyo approached her.

The absurd dialogue spread like wildfire online, many were not convinced that it was not planned.

“It has to be a little. Dude is engaged, he actually made me the lol but watch him wait for her to cut him off, ”Badgley tweeted.

In another tweet he added to his thoughts: “A little bit, definitely. His delivery is great. “

While Ingraham tried to break the theory that the on-air debacle was real, some people on Twitter still aren’t convinced.

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